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Dear Diary 2 - I Got Covid

 On 18 February 2022, my sore throat woke me up in the middle of the night. That was the first symptom I had and following by fever and headache.  I took the rapid test next day in the morning, it was negative but later in that evening it was positive. On the same day, while I was waiting for my food delivery downstair at my condo, one of the three German shaper dogs (my dogs' neighor) approached me. For the last three years, they never approached me this close up. Later, I pet him and the other two joined us. I noticed that the first dog tried to lick me a lot and he looked very concern.  Later after I found out I am positive Covid, I realized he might have known that I got the virus and I am not feeling well. Maybe dogs can sense it.  My immune system is sadly f*up so today is my 8th day and the rapid test results still positive. It worries me a bit but I am doing my best to fight it. 

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