Mr. A

  Back then, I have way too many crushes you could ever imagine. I am not like I am now 😬   The first boy I ever talked to (he is not one of those of my imaginary crushes who only happened in my head) way back when I was in year 1 or 2 in university. Let’s call him Mr. A.   Mr. A studied IT (if my memory doesn’t betray me) on government scholarship abroad with a bunch of handsome other dudes there; but, he was cute at least in my eyes. “I” no no no “we” talked a lot like A LOT, and shared photos here and there. I was so unexperienced and naïve, I even printed his photos in one whole album so that I could stare at his picture in silent. I only met him one time with other friends so we didn’t have any meaningful conversion or holding hands under the moonlight. But after a while, he had a gf whom he married with a kid until now. He met her during his study abroad and that’s all. But it didn’t end there or at least for me.    So?   I was upset because of my one-sided crush. I promised mys


  So?   I have spent way too much time watching 100 Chinese series – I should be banned using all these social media platforms. And, I have become an anti-social which I have never thought of before.   The latest series I am watching is called, Lighter and Princess. It is about the puppy love between a cold hearted and genius guy and an innocent and hart-working girl. They both study IT, programing… it reminds me of my childhood dream of becoming a hacker haha! I know, I know!!!    What if I start learning it now by myself? Would it be possible? Only time could tell… 

Love and lust

It would be nice to have someone to talk about universe, alien, hiking, adventure to the unknown places or saving the world without laughing or judging each other.  Do people value the deep talk with a person over their appearance, wealth, status in society and so on? I am genuinely curious 😬

a little update - long time no see!

What has happened in the last 7 months? I have claimed a bit of the corporate ladder after working hard enough -but at the same time, I feel like I have sold a part of me and my soul to the corporate world. I have tried to choose the projects that I feel fulfillment. I have assisted ministries in drafting some regulations. I know I am not old enough to draft laws but I am kinda cool haha! I am thankful that my bosses and colleagues let me attend the annual ADB meeting in Incheon, Korea - I am a bit proud of myself since I am the only individual to attend this alone. Before that, I went to Kyoto (10 days) and Osaka (5 days) for almost three weeks while I was working remotely. So I kinda worked a bit and saw the charm of the city in the slow phase. I always love Japan! When I arrived on the first day in Osaka, I did a bit of googling to see if I could join any hiking. I ended up messaging a few groups. I decided to join a friendly hiking group at 10am on that same morning - the only prob

Dear Diary - Lost!

 I wish I could tell a happy or a better story, but!  But, I am lost and not found - what have I done and what would I do? 

Dear Diary 3 - Hello from Seoul

 Korea has never been on my to-go-list - I did not know why as well! In 2019, the pandemic started spreading everywhere - we could not travel or sometime we were stuck at home for months. I have used electronic device and internet way too much.  My curiousity has leaded me into Kpop, boyband called BTOB. They are hilarious and funny as well. They got me through the 2 years without traveling and working hard. Since then I have always wanted to visit Korea and to attend their concert.  Here I am in Seoul for almost two weeks for holiday and work. I was told Seoul is nothing comparing to Japan so I didn't expect so much. But, man!!! I fell in love with the city and cold breeze of Autumn here.  I am very thankful to my job, my colleagues and my boss for giving me all the opportunities to work on cool projects and make some money for future and traveling.  I am very grateful for all of the things I have in this life :)

Living abroad costs a lot of money

I always want to experience working/living abroad but money has been one of the biggest issues for me. Having said that, I have tried so hard to earn, invest and spend carefully. I live below my mean, I don't drive fancy car, living in a tiny apartment that I own so I do not pay any rent except for the electricity and water bill.  Yet, I still have not able to saved enough to study and live abroad yet. I will try to target in two years time from now, I hope I will be able to do it.  Meanwhile, I am trying to live at the moment. So I enjoy working and with the new challenging is very exciting for me. while I am working hard, I am playing hard too.  I am going to Seoul for the first time in two weeks and I am very excited about it. I did not stay at the hotel/airbnb I wanted to stay because I do not want to waste money on that. I will save it and donate to a hospital (Kunthankbotha Hospital).