It has been awhile since I last posted on this diary.

Maybe I should write a little update about myself for the last several months.

I have lived a good life although I complain about small inconvenience things that didn't go my way. I have the last two amazing jobs and amazing colleagues. I have traveled a few new countries including Japan, and Europe  (Vienna, Halzburge and ... cannot remember the small town in Germany).



the universe is far beyond to reach!
the unknown future holds beneat the universe! 

my poem is probably the worse ...


I would rather just stay in my cage, lock the door and throw the key into the ocean 😌

Why should anyone have to go through so much just to hope that they will meet the right one? 

i'm just saying! at least i enjoy eating my food in my cage :) 


Truth - Yoga


this year is all about self-love! 
i know that a lot people are being hard on themselves and self-love is worthless! they should wait till they got nobody but themselves only! then, they will learn to love and gentle with themselves. 

Day 2 - Yoga :)


2018 here you are!

i have done the most scariest things in my life! and I am happy to have said it :) hello 2o18@#@$#$#

It is just me, a small girl, against the big world :)



I enjoyed Sunday swimming with a good friend. All a sudden I saw someone looked familiar but without my glasses I couldn't see him well. Until I saw my first BF' s wife walked passed, I realized it was him.

He was with his gangs including his wife, his cute daughter, sis in law and someone I don't know. He looks pretty happy with his little family.

For the first time in my life, I didn't know love is this powerful. I even dreamed of having a small family with him. But instead he is having with someone else.

When I walked out the pool, we kinda glanced to each other, and with our eyes kinda said goodbye with our awkward smiles. 



   The is my first proper online course I have ever done in my entire life. I am very proud of myself because I thought I would not have been this good haha... I got 89% score!!! Can you believe it? 

Professor Fried is one of the most amazing teacher in the entire world. He talks slow and raise all the old cases law that make perfect sense how contract laws today formed. 


Last but not least, I also received a financial aid of 90% off for this course as well.... :D


a breakup in Korean drama screens.

I swear this breakup is like one of those Korean drama screens.

She found out her five-year-boyfriend was lying all along this time. He was lying about he loved her, lying about being serious about life together, lying about going to Canada together, and lying about a lot things... WHY?

Five days before the breakup, she went to a holiday with his family, and she also had breakfast as a farewell to his cousins back to London. Within five days, there were a lot things going on his mind. He was lying, and he hanged out with one of her best friend (ten years friendship) without telling her... what the hell that mean? on that day, she went to the same pub with them, and she bumped into them... she said, "I don't know how to describe the feel at that moment, the feeling was just so empty and I feel as light as cotton..." She left the pub and her friends behind back to the condo. 

She immediately made a phone call to him for a talk although he didn't want it. The first thing, he saw her face, he spelled out those words "Let's breakup!" with that a little laughing-ish face expression ( it's like you're joking while you mean it)... she was in shock and trying to take all her belongings back to her parents' house in the middle night with the big storm. The storm really added the breakup drama screen a lot. 

On that day, she planed to drop of her luggage with him because she would have taken different flight from him so as a tiny person, she wanted him to take one of her luggage. She got all her things in that luggage. So she never had a chance to give that luggage to him. 

She still does not have a chance to see snow, she will not see the snow!!! 

The next day i was told that i needed a talk to end it peacefully. I took the suggestion and asked him for the last talk, but he said "what else do you need? what else do you want to talk?".

She was crying her eyes off, and when she met him he just had his new haircut in his new t-shirt about go out. It hits her so much to realize that he did not feel bad or was nto sad at all... he was ready to party to celebrate this breakup. 

All she got was a goodbye hug (as usual).  

A Little Heart

Some people broke this Little Heart into pieces
Some people crushed and stepped this  Little Heart
Some people just burnt this Little Heart to ground and never look back
Some people just accidentally broke this fragile Little Heart without intended to hurt her
Some people just played with the Little Heart and disappeared, never be found again
Some people just took advantage of this Little Heart 

Finally, this Little Heart is tired of human being in general. She will turns to be 31 in less than two months, and the number keeps increasing! life expectancy in Cambodia is 60, so she has lived half of her life. She will never have her own kids, she is ready to live her life by herself but maybe with a dog. 

Such a brave little heart.