just a laugh

Mr. Ratana is one of the most Cambodian talented artists. He wasn't my friend originally, I am a friend of his friend. So he shared us about some famous paintings in the west and in America. When he was in NY, "I entered a room, and only saw one white paper board on the wall. I was so curious if this completely white painting cost 1million dollar???" "oh right, this is the master piece lol" 

And everyone was cracking up so hard ^^

(Just example, not this one)


Just Don't!

While I was licking my lips after eating my breakfast and turning around to find waitress, I happened to see this guy next to my table and he opened big eyes 😳. Maybe he thought I gave him a sign for sth else for V's day!

I know I know today is V's day, but I'm not this desperate to find one just for today thingy! 


Anything possible!

I've been avoided to write about my current update about life and in general, and I don't know why as well.


"you are f*king 29 years old, you got to find ways to end it!" it's a coincidence or not, its raining again. 


Opportunities Vs. Integrity

I was the top two candidates for a position at the international and prestigious place...

But, I was told to pay two months of the salary if I want the job of my dream. My integrity told me not to do it and I will  NEVER be one of them.

If i were taken the job at the prestigious place, i would have save up a lot and i would have worked for other international NGOs by now. My career path would have been with NGOs which is my dream career. BUT I would never regret my decision not even once!

The award ceremony of the competition that I won...

 Unofficially, I was offered to become a lawyer if I wanted to. But again, I live with my dignity and integrity so I ignored the offer. Becoming a lawyer in Cambodia is a big business. I wouldn't go details for that.

I would have become an independent lawyer and would have been setting up my own law office. Again, I am not one of them and will never be!



I am not a family person so I don't like the idea sharing everything to my family. But, the last two years, i have become so close to my two sisters. I have spent more time with family and my dog :) Maybe in the end, everyone and the whole world is turning their back on you but your family will never do that. 

*Exception: i still have some true friends around me :) i am so happy about. 


I was desperate in need of my good friends around then I realised I have none!

What have i done?why people around leave just like that? Even i have tried to fix but still it never works.

What have i done? What have i done so wrong, Rath? 


Given up!

Not all wounds would be healed! But you learn to live with those wounds inside you. I have to give up on this... I should have given up long long long time ago... I don't know why I keep having those hopes that don't even exist anymore.