First day of BlogFest12

trbidi="on"> -Preparation:

  • We had finished hanging all banners at the Venue
  • Arrangement the hall at BBU
  • Going to test Wifi and microphone and so on
  • About 8 Foreign participants are here with us in SR; and more are on the way to here.
  • Only a few Cambodian bloggers are on the bus to SR, and still not sure what is the exact number yet.
  • There will be a lot interesting presentation regarding to each national blogger about their experience. They are free to choose their own topic as long as it's in our scope of topic. 
  • Cambodia bloggers will talk about Gender and so on. 
  • This is going an international conference where you will meet bloggers around the globe.
***this is my own observation, nothing related the actual agenda of the event yet!

Blogfest 2012


Big lost - King Norodom Sihanouk passed away

Millions Cambodians are mourning over the death of the king. 
However, some people are not even sad but anger the king that 
he is the blame to be blame on over the Genocide. 
Sadly those people do not read or do more sufficient research on history on 
how the Khmer Rouge occur. I do not want to make any argument here.

Quote from Facebook friend:

Sorida "5 hours waiting under hot sun really worth the wait. I saw Samdach Ta's coffin, King Sihamoni, Samdach Yeay.... I worship for Samdach Ta in front of Royal Palace.. I saw people giving free pure water to everyone, I saw old ladies giving free incense stick to anyone who go to worship in front of Royal Palace, I saw people gather the big mess on the road after the procession... I feel so blessed... "

Dary "News of King Father's passing away came out of a sudden. And it seems suddenly he is being loved like never before. I wish I had a chance to converse to him. Rest In Peace."

My quote "A penny from my thoughts, oh no I'll sell them for a dollar, but they are worth so much more after I'm goner - If i die young lyric -"



Food ~ review

Secret Recipe Rest. ~Newly Open in PP
I have to say, its very yummy but a bit pricy! 

Sabu Sabu - its a bit pricy and not much choices for me!
i tried in BKK, there are 100 choices of JP and sukhi~!


what happen if you are s.w, and don't have money your phone is dead?

it happened to me today! after dinner with family, i asked two friends for a late cafe as we usually did! then i asked my to drop me at caltex sihanuk! i supposed to be picked up in 10mn. But it turned out to be 30mn, and that length was like 2h or more cuz i didn't even a watch to know the time.

i was thinking what should i do n stuff! after 25mn, i asked a couple that sat next to me if i could borrow their phone to call my friend! they was nice enough to let me use it even they only have USD0.02!

After the call! he showed up in 15mn! lol i was like.... ok it's not anyone's fault, i was just too nervous being along out there while there is a big rain, no money no phone!

:D a lesson. 



Last minute noted by our boss, we were invited (boss paid the entrance fee n enjoy free food lol) to E-Biz at Park Cafe on Oct 2, 2012. There were about 30 participants, most of them are young entrepreneurs. Just so you know this event is very similar to EME.

In stead of going to fashion-week n stuffs, I am kinda enjoy going to these social network and sharing experience in different aspects of business. Below is just a quick summary of what was happening.

·          Ms. Sok Chanda, President and CEO of Mekong Net and other business:
o   In 1990s, she started business with $20:
§  By looking every opportunity of business we could have.
§  Learn and dare to do it
§  Understand the the structure of her own business more effectively by having a good HR policy.
§  Communication is the key to success
o   Shifting and growing various business:
§  Opened a flower shop
§  Internet – Mekong Net
§  Garment Factory/Tailor Shop
§  Anana Computer

§  And other business.
Even she is senior than us a lot, she is still passionate to learn more,
and seem to look for smart people to work for her :D

·         Mr. Kuy Vat, President and CEO of Vtrust Group.
o  He still reminds us that networking is the most important in business. 

·         Polen ( can't remember his full name), CEO of various businesses like, CEO of many schools, HR consultant and so forth:
o   Being too ambitious with no experience in business is a great failure in the market these days. Therefore, we should have a significant business plan like 3 or 5 years business plan.
o   Communication is very important.

it looks bored in this pic, but the topic is very very interesting,
of course people are very nice and friendly.
I won the bet about who got more business-card! 
he is 80s, but he is strong and passionate in whatever he is doing!
Damn lazy ass! me i need to learn from him lol 


Putho Circus

"I am not sure whether Cambodia in the past has circus like other country, but i think we might have different form like "Pa Hi & Seak". Cambodia has a rich and fascinating history. bla bla bla ... forget it! "
First I wanted to write a nice topic about Cambodia Circus, but just the first minute I started thinking what should I type? it got me stuck for more than 30mn. So, I myself will just write the way i want to.

As the schedule, we went to the Beeline Arena (its a semi stadium belong to beeline) for the circus. For the first few minutes, I was so impressed by so many people, esp French-Khmer family showed up to support Khmer Circus. There were about 800 people.

The show had exceeded my expectation. They combined a show to reflects the Cambodia's Today, this is the most attractive for me. 

Honestly, sometime during the show, i had to close my eyes because i was afraid if those guys failed off from stage or thing goes wrong, it would make me sad cuz we will be embarrassed those foreigners.

My conclusion, I would say that this is awesome, and i hope more young Khmer will pursue their dream and do their best.

The first in a monthly Circus show comes to Phnom Penh.

The Circus is coming to town. No big-top but instead the youngsters from Battambang’s highly-rated Phare Ponleu Selpak will be bringing their own brand of Circus and theater to the Beeline Arena in Phnom Penh on Saturday 29 September. The show – Putho! – is what they call a metaphorical show about relationships between teenagers, love and tenderness depicted through acrobatics, lifts, juggling, dance, balancing and contortion. Thirteen young circus artists will present the show, which has already had three tours in Europe, beginning at 6pm, with tickets available at Monument Books, with a new Circus show planned for each month in the Cambodian capital. PPS are also planning to open a big top, quite literally, in Siem Reap in the middle of next year. We saw the Putho! show on a visit to Battambang in July 2010 and its definitely worth making the effort to get along to Beeline to see this performance. The youngsters are extremely talented. We’ve also just heard that circus performers from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos will be strutting their stuff for three evenings, from 5pm, on 27/28/29 September at the performing arts center in front of the National Assembly in Phnom Penh. A 1,000 seat theater has been created especially for these three performances.