Given up!

Not all wounds would be healed! But you learn to live with those wounds inside you. I have to give up on this... I should have given up long long long time ago... I don't know why I keep having those hopes that don't even exist anymore.



I have this tiny garden at the condo :) Recently we got a lot visitors, a family of snail. I don't even know how they can fly to my condo on 12th floor and are these snails is relative or not! I got scared of them a bit actually but don't mind to let them live here.

This morning I checked them out but I couldn't find them anywhere :( instead i found some leaves left not he floor so I think there might be bird eat them all T.T

Poor the family!


Blood Diamond

When I first watched the movie called "Blood Diamond", I was very moved by the fact how they get diamond to the real world for sale. Since then I told myself I will not own any diamond for myself!

Where have I been to contribute to make the world better? What have I done until now? The answer is still NOTHING until someone opens the door for the opportunity for me.


Siem Reap - the food heaven, full choices of accommodations and rich history of Cambodia!

Siem Reap is always a magic land with all these amazing old temples including all the amazing hotels with incredible choices of prices.

Bus: Lavyta - $9
Hotel: Petit temple -$30
Rent bicycles- $1.5
Food range - $3 to $10

We didn't pay for any tuk tuk in SR cuz we all have our bikes and the

hotel is close to pub street.