Tough Time at ECCC!!!

Now i'm abit busy with my job in ECCC( Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia). However, I really enjoy that job because the international intern and ECCC's staff are friendly and helpful. We all say Hi, Hello, How you are.... and also smile to each other. I have known a lot good, nice , friendly people there and i gain a lot good things and also good experience. Anyway, I just hope that I have good time and a lot good memory with them and i will never forget them.

-Sovanna: Khmer Intern, Cute &Friendly
-Bri : US Intern, Friendly &nice smile
-Rath: Khmer Intern, Cute,i think;")
-Thom: Us Intern(orinational nation is korean but born in Canada, and study in Haward Uni, US) Friendly, Gentle, and Nice guy.

A party with all OCP (Office of Co-Prosecutor) stuffs!!!!


HI friend,This is information i got from my friend.Just Information, Please get more information from your Doctor for confirmation!!!!!!!

Hi ladies, Just wanted to let you know someVERY important information!This information was given to me by my husband and Iknow all the ladies in my life should know and please forward it to allthe ladies in your life.
My husband has a friend whose mother recently got diagnosed withbreast cancer. The doctor told her women should not drink bottled waterthat has been left in a car. The doctor said that the heat and theplastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to BreastCancer. So please be careful and do not drink that water bottle that hasbeen left in a car and pass this on to all the women in your life.


Me @Phors BD....................Ah it's really amazing party for me cos yesterday it was too rain and i still decide to go. Ah, I used contact lenses but it's not comfortable to use it sos and it was so difficult to keep these in my eyes...


It is just a small project which is established by a group of students in various universities...

Before the show was started...

My friends asked to take their pics but i took a pic of myself instead...hahha..funny

This pic i look like a high school girl..

It's me and Chanthou hahah we both look like a young high school girl...
hahaha...pay attention to see the real image this pic,.... funny!!!!it was so hot that's why i look so hot.....hahah
Alll of us are taken pic together!!!! ah it look so nice,,,don't we?


hmm.....it's mine.... :D
just a style!!!!!!!!!!...lolzz.....
yis!!!! still look like a young girl teat hery....
Hm......................while i was takin this pic, others stu seemed to think of an alien!!!hahahha,,,watever!!!
wat's up?????? it was taken today te na!!!!