Filming a video about my solo Europe trip - Second Attempt Failed T.T

I talked to the camera for more than 30mn but the video turned out to be only 3mn!!! God damn it!
Just give a try next time!

Here is my failure video... if you like to see it!

That is the face after talking to the camera for 30mn and it didn't work T.T



Old town in Warsaw!!!

I was walking in the old town here and suddenly it rains as expected. So here I am at this cute and expensive cafe shop that has no internet. Maybe it's good for me to concentrate and enjoy the view of old town. (How old?) 

I was sitting in front this chubby American guy who I thought he was a solo travel like me. But, hmm nope his gf just returned from wc!  

Back in the busy hostel but feel empty to me. After walking 6 or 7h I was like f*, m gonna dress up a little bit and will have a nice dinner. So I did it at a very cozy nice rest about mn walk from the hostel. 

I order beef with salad Sth and it came out burger beef with this giant meat! I love the Serbian tea so much omg!!!

When you're alone, your mind goes on and on and on... I noticed another chubby American man starring at me a few times and I noticed he seems not really interesting in women according to his gesture and he had a ring (maybe with his bf). Either way he either married or gay. 

There was a young lady sitting alone like me. But, she seemed to wait for her date but he never shows up. She gave me a glance look when she left her table. 

Me??? I read my book and drink my new discovery tea :)  

Wait!!! It's not finished... I couldn't find any single SOLO TRAVELER!!! Where are they??? All death??? Married? Have children? No more traveling ??? Ugh... I'm the only tiny Asian girl and often got this stared eyes not in a bad way though. 
shooot!!! i have a lot shit to deal back home i gonna flight sooner than i expected! the dream vacation is about to end :)


The day in The Hague

I cannot believe this I've been in Europe for 9 days already. And I have seen so much more than I expected! 

Wake up one day I am in Europe, sound like a dream come true 😁 I won't go detail about my trip. 

I love the experience of going around town eating new food and have had a lot of sandwich haha cuz I always have to catch buses or trains to differences. I did have some formal lunch and dinner and well that cost money! 

I have met almost all my super long lost friends from 9years to 7years this is crazy! I do miss them and they do still remember this tiny friend 😁

Now I'm sitting in a random restaurant near where I stay with my friend while writing for my blog. I couldn't ask for me!


The city of my best friend

Here I am sitting in front of the university of Amsterdam which is also right front of my tiny hotel. It turns out the hotel besides its super small, empty, no bathroom, it's in a nice location. 

I still cannot believe I am in Amsterdam right now! Right before my big birthday which is tomorrow! I actually pinched myself if I were in one of those weird dream of mine! 

The weather is super nice. People are quiet tall esp comparing to myself as a mini human :D the old buildings, all the channels and more are just so awesome like a dream come true. 

I recalled like six months ago I was watching Europe through google earth and now here I am! 

I am actually jet lag now cuz it's 11pm in Cambodia! 


The journey to find myself

Coming all the way from a poor country, Cambodia to Europe isn't easy at all. Esp, you're a tiny woman! 

But after all my efforts 😬 I did it.

This is one of my lifetime trip so I have to value it, treasure it, enjoy it, and experience all the things you wanted to do. 

I have to smile a lot! I have to create more boxes in my brain like Scholar Dekard said, you have to set and train your brain that there are many boxes in it and once you are in one box you are not allowed to mix your box!!!

I'm going to see the best part of myself 😍😍😍



So here is the most frustrating part of my whole trip thing! Received a call from the embassy to pick up my passport tomorrow morning without telling me if I get the visa or not!

Sometime I feel my life is as funny as this hide-and-seek game with this cuties husky :D