Little Shop

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am running a tiny fashion clothing shop in front of my house, Fashioner #42E0, Street 432, Toultompoug1, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh. 

The first few months the business went so well, and we are very happy about it. And now, we are experiencing a so called LOW SEASON which causes me stress and sad. But I think in the business world, there are always up and down. Thus, we need to foresee and to prevent the risk while trying to fix the problem.

This small business really consumes so much time and energy more than I ever think of. However, I am doing this definitely not just about money, it is about life challenging, and what I love about fashion. I am curious if my fashion shop should follow the trench of girly clothes or sth new. This is killing me now. 


How to Get the Best Deal Holiday in Kep, Cambodia?

I think I am the extroverted person. So basically, i am very outgoing, meeting friends, having ton of friends, and really going outside of my box! BUT

Recently, I often go to Kep and Kampot to have my soul and body fully recharged. By saying that i mean staying somewhere quiet only sea, beach, trees, swimming pool, blue sky, fresh air, and cute cute bungalows. 

Okay time to share how to get a cheap deal to Kep!

1. How to Get there? 

You have various choices to go to Kep or Kampot as follows:
- Your own car: Faster, Saver and Easier. We only spent 40$ for the gas, and 2.5 hours from PP to Kep. Or 
- Mini Bus or Van: http://www.kampotexpress.com/ or www.giantibis.com/ticket. It costs about $8 - $13. Be aware that these bus won't go directly to Kep, so you have to take either taxi ($12) or Tuk Tuk ($10) from Kampot to Kep. 

2. Where to Stay?

There are many resorts and hotel from luxury to affordable prices, so you have plenty of choices to try. We stayed at Masada Resort for two nights, it was amazing. The normal price at the resort is from $50 - $70, BUT we got a super deal because:
- From April to November is considered as a low season for most hotels and reports in Cambodia because of the weather here is too hot, and other countries is summer for them so they prefer to enjoy there rather than here. 
- Second, you can directly give them a call on the same day you travel to see if you can bargain the price. This is a bit risky if you cannot find one, u will end up sleeping on the street :D But if you can the price might go down to 50% off. ;) and i did it. 

3. What to Eat? 

There are many local and western food at the Crab Market. We tried most of the restaurants recommended by the TripAdvisor and we like the Mr. Mab... the most due to the price, and the owner is Khmer :D i am not being discrimination but its true. 

But, u always can find local yummy food with a lot cheaper than what i mentioned above. 

4. What to Bring?

Light and comfortable clothes of course, if you want to enjoy your stay. Sunscreen (am i spelling correctly?) flip flop, sunglasses and bikini :D BUT since i am this tiny i do have to wear another shirt on the top of my bikini hehehe and plus not being starred by the others. 

5. What to do Next?

Just tell yourself, you have done the best, and you deserve this break before going back to the real world to fight for your dream. 

 Hello Kep :) Hello White Lady.
The previous trip picture at the Breeze Restaurant. 
Very nice food and the price range from $4 -$6.

 The view at the Rest. 
me at the rest. 

Masada Resort 
Masada Resort 
Masada Resort

Masada Resort

Masada Resort

Masada Resort

Masada Resort - pool

Masada Resort - taking an effort to take this photo 
in middle of bright noon- super hot.

Masada Resort

I supposed to work there but the internet didn't work T.T
So i enjoyed myself instead :D
the view from the window is just so stunning.

I look taller than usual ;)

We met another friend at KNAI BANG CHATT :D we couldn't afford to stay there but drink and dinner would be fine. ^^

:D me

we stop by at Kampot, Rikitikitavi

Rabbit Island. 
my kiki names Aldo
My new Look.

My most fav.