Opportunities Vs. Integrity

I was the top two candidates for a position at the international and prestigious place...

But, I was told to pay two months of the salary if I want the job of my dream. My integrity told me not to do it and I will  NEVER be one of them.

If i were taken the job at the prestigious place, i would have save up a lot and i would have worked for other international NGOs by now. My career path would have been with NGOs which is my dream career. BUT I would never regret my decision not even once!

The award ceremony of the competition that I won...

 Unofficially, I was offered to become a lawyer if I wanted to. But again, I live with my dignity and integrity so I ignored the offer. Becoming a lawyer in Cambodia is a big business. I wouldn't go details for that.

I would have become an independent lawyer and would have been setting up my own law office. Again, I am not one of them and will never be!



I am not a family person so I don't like the idea sharing everything to my family. But, the last two years, i have become so close to my two sisters. I have spent more time with family and my dog :) Maybe in the end, everyone and the whole world is turning their back on you but your family will never do that. 

*Exception: i still have some true friends around me :) i am so happy about.