aNOTHEr hOLe iN mY hEARt

It is getting funnier because I don't know how many holes in my heart. Now, I got another hole in my heart... a big hole! 

Each hole takes me years to get over!!! if i have more holes than now, i don't think i live long enough to get over them. "taken from a book called, how to be single"


Call me crazy!!! I just quit my job and do full time traveling 😆😆😆


D Day

Right at this moment is the D Day I have been waiting for!!!

The new exciting moment will start by August 01, 2016.


My Imaginary BF

I had this unsual dream about my imaginary bf :) I know this sounds so weird but this makes me smile and make my day.

We were surprised to meet again after several months. We were just happy and hugging each other in the ocean!!! Out of nowhere in ocean. 

But in the afternoon I always lost him and couldn't reach to him at all! That's the reality maybe. 

My little garden :)



It doesn't feel the same anymore! The same country at a beach in Patya but with different people. 

Escaped the crowd to sit at lobby alone and stared the heavy rain outside. 

I supposed to have a drink my old Thai colleagues but its raining so so much! What a day. 

What if I twist my life around? What if I disconnect with all the people I know? What if I run away from here? What if I were invisible? What if it never happened? What if I were more thoughtful? What if none of those things never happened?