this is how you look before LLM :D hahaha

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after one year for LLM, what you've earn:

1. lost your hair,
2. getting old very which replaced a popular word MORE MATURE
3. super broke
4. miss out all life back home, such as your best friend's wedding
5.... i will find out later :D


i'm from 1960s :D

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I have opened the door, and welcome STRESS came in!!! i have to kick them out before they ruin my life, my study and my love.

I didn't mean to upset you, I didn't mean I don't care about your feeling and so on. I am just a little not too well these days cuz of I opened the door to let STRESS come over, Babe I make sure I have to kick them out, and open the door for joy and happiness! i will fix this babe

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How to cut stress

Too much workload make me stress T.T
Love blind or loneliness makes me so stress! help :'(

I feel that a lot people at our age are so stress and bored with their life, so what is going on. I want to write s.th to share my idea from doing some research and my own experiences.

Stress can bring you down and also can get you a champion so it depends on how you control your stress. Some people use stress to push themselves work harder and more efficiency, but at the same time stress can also kill you if you open the door and let them kill you. I know everyone wish for a solution for their problem, but hold on there is really anyone can give you all answer and help you everything, but it's you who has to deal with it and fight with it.

What does healthy person mean? Physical+ Mental = Healthy

Here is a tips how to kill your negative stress away:


1. Gym would help to cut out your stress a lot but most people would make a lot excuses, too busy or too lazy. Think again, if you force yourself too much again, u would add extra stress to yourself. Therefore, why not something you like. For example, jogging in a nice garden with friends or swimming twice a week?

Before I came to HK, I admit that I didn't go to gym often but i remember that when I was home and I went to swimming regularly it really makes feel so fresh, and so energetic.

2. Get Enough Sleep:

Have you been sleeping too much or not enough?

If yes then you have to work out on it:

· Give yourself a bed time- and stick to it.

· Less than two hours before you sleep don’t check e-mail or Facebook, because there are sth distracting you the whole night.

· Shut down your computer completely- make your mind peace and for green world purpose.

3. Eat Healthy:

Have you heard of “ you are what you eat?” Here are all basics that you should do:

· Breakfast is very important ( OP: I never have breakfast but I will try to wake up a bit early and have my yummy breakfast)

· Focusing on your meals, protein sources and fruit and veg, and drink a lot of water

· Take a break from whatsoever you are doing; and have a your favorite food/healthy once.

4. Cut Caffeine

· Caffeine makes your body stressful

· Calacoal, Coffee and tea…


These four secrets are ones that primarily affect your mind.

1. Recognize When You’re Getting Stressed

None of us go straight from blissful calm to heart-pounding stress. You’ve probably had days when you could feel yourself getting more and more worked up. Perhaps you worked for hours without a break, or maybe a few small problems – perhaps with your computer or your office lighting or heating – were winding you up for ages.

There are a number of emotional signals that you’re getting stressed, including:

· Feeling overwhelmed when you contemplate your workload

· Having the urge to cry or scream

· Wanting to hit something (or someone!)

Often, stress can be stopped in its tracks by learning what your early-warning symptoms are.

2. Take a Time Out

Once you’ve got a handle on how you feel when you’re getting stressed, you can often stop yourself getting that worked up. When you start to become stressed, take a time out. Go for a five minute walk, sit with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes, switch to a different task if what you’re working on is making you feel stressed.

Just getting out of the immediate situation is often enough to help you calm down and get perspective. This is important for your own mental health – but also for the people around you. If you’re getting very het up in a tense situation with colleagues or relatives, make an excuse and slip away for a few minutes. This will help you calm down so you don’t lose your temper.

3. Do One Thing at a Time

In today’s work – and home – environments, we rarely focus on one thing at a time. We end up cooking while making a phone call, checking emails during dinner, or playing around on Facebook and Twitter when we intended to do the online grocery shop.When you multi-task, you split your attention between two things – and often end up dropping the ball on one of them. (Who hasn’t burnt the dinner because they got distracted while cooking?) Also, an obsessive focus on “being efficient” can actually make you more stressed, as you’ll feel that life is just one chore after another.

For greater effectiveness, and less stress, learn to

4. Write in a Journal

Finally, one of the most effective ways I’ve found to reduce stress is to write a journal. This doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming: just spend ten minutes, ideally at the end of each day, reviewing how things went, what you’ve felt good about, what’s been a source of stress, and what you’ve learnt.

This is a great way to get problems into perspective, to find the good side in situations that might have been stressful at the time, and to notice patterns in your life. Through journaling, you can often see what’s causing you stress – and you can work to eliminate it.

Journaling is also a good way to get thoughts out of your mind before you go to bed; many people find this helps them to sleep better.

Reference: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2009/09/kill-your-stress-eight-stress-busting.html

Stress makes me sick!


Stress with school

Talking about the first semester is hardly survivable. There are 3,5 months per one semester, and 2 semesters in one year. My LLM program is only 9 months course, it's super intensive course for everyone (esp. me). I really have no idea how could i survive for the first semester because i got four courses, and one of them is super demanding. My health was totally worse and i had not adopted the new system at the HKU yet. Whatsoever, I passed all subjects ^_^

Semester 2 coming, everyone encouraged each other to be selective for choosing the course. Yes, i did not make myself hard time any more so i have chosen good subjects and not too much burden. However, one among the four has stressed me out so much because i'm from Civil Law and this course is totally Common Law System that it makes me look so stupid that i couldn't understand it :( i guess i have to start it from button point (T-T) Anyway, i must give the best shot for this semester.

One more thing i want to share! i just realized that since i've been here, i lost all my confident and positive thinking that have affected my normal over here so much and esp at school! i had so much experiences in mooting and debating, and now i'm just quiet and shut up all the time! how can i take all those things back???


it's about the girl who dreams ...

After reading so many books about wars, and how cruel they killed each other, the little girl has committed her to stop this to bring peace to the world.

On her 18 yrs birthday, it became a sadness birthday ever because she said to herself that she must be strong and fighting whatever it comes to reach her dream that no one understands (esp. in Khmer) she set the goal that no one ever can stop her from making the dream come true. Looking back to those time, she usually had a crash on a few boys, but none of them ever cared about her :P maybe she was so ugly girl. Among her friends, she did not do good at all so her farther was so disappointed and very upset. Although she did tried her best but she got low score ដល់ពេលចេញលទ្ឋផល គឺនាងបាន និទ្ទេស c គ្ួរអេាយខ្មាស់គេណាស់លេាកអេីយ។ ហេីយបា៉របស់ នាងពិតជាបាន បន្ទេាសនាងជាខ្លាំង ហេតុអ្វីមិត្តភក្តិបានសុទ្ឋតា និទ្ទេសល្អៗ ែតឯងកូនគ្រូហេីយបានលទ្ឋផល ជាប់ណាស់។ Of course she was so sad and wish she could make her farther happy.

While most of her friends received governments' scholarship, she had to struggle to get once as well. ... to be continued


Michelle Branch - "Are You Happy Now?" Official Music Video


The Kite Runner, the saddest story you have to know!

Only tears could describe about "The kite runner" This is a very beautiful story of another side of the world. It has waken me up from my sadness and confusion world to fight with this scary reality of the ugly world where there is no mercy to the poor.
IF only most of those world leaders realized how much the civilian from poor countries suffer and thousand have been killed everyday, the would live happily and peacefully.


it's all about FOOD ^_^

Thai's Food :D Steam Fish^-^
Thai Food
Cheese Cake
Fried Shrimp Rice and Fish
My first Korean Food at Seasonal Restaurant in HK
Unbeatable JP set
The best Korean Ice-Cream
(we ate them in frozen weather but who cares since it's so good :P)
Spaghetti House
Spaghetti House
Spaghetti House
Not sure
Yum Chha :*
isn't good? u guess:P my first success food experience