There was a very very poor 26yrs guy who lived in a pagoda, and he was a teacher at Primary School in rural area. His family is very poor; and his parents were very sick, so all little money of his salary (around 150,000 Reil=37.$) is for his family. And he himself was also in bad condition health. He kept telling other monks who live in same pagoda how hard life he got; but seemed no one notice he was very under depress.

Until one day, he decided to suicide by hanging himself from a mango three in the pagoda; and he left some last words in a small letter, I'm sorry. He thanks to everyone who had supported him, such as the chief of the pagoda that let him stay as home, some colleagues at the school, esp to a couple who lend him 100,000 Reil($25); and being sorry that he decided to do this. He described how desperate and struggle his life was since his childhood. He had no more hope in life. T-T

Source: in Rasmey Kompuchea, can't remember the date.

comment: i won't end up my short life like this, i'd better live my life as the way i want!


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Laura Mam - ORIGINAL KHMER SONG - Pka Proheam Rik Popreay

It's not just a simple Khmer-American song, but it's sth every special in it. if wanna know, check it out!