how to stop puppy biting your hand?

I used to do Google almost everyday that " how to stop puppy biting your hand?" just last night, there was a magic happened.

Everyday, he is always waiting for my return in front the door. Last night, I arrived home a bit late, so he kinda misses me a lot and wanted to play with his owner so much. Every time his play, he gets super excited, bit my hand and jump on me! 

So!!! i have tried different techniques to prevent that but it never works until last night I ignored him completely every time he bites my hands and even put him in WC and closed the door for about a few minutes until he realized what had done was WRONG. And i continued to do that a few times, and guess what happened - the magic of becoming a submissive and calm dog. He is going to be my loving dog ever!!!

Every morning, he always the one send me off to work ahhh... how cute?


Ice Bucket Challenge - Cambodia

The first time i saw the Ice Bucket Challenge, it was the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckergerg. Later I find more and more American celebrities doing it for the sake of ALS. I was thinking is it right or wrong doing such challenge! So I am kinda in between. Majority will just follow the crow but this is for the sake of humanity, but some may not agree with such idea because the idea of throwing water on yourself or people would be considered as wasting clean water.

How about me? I would say that, Ice Bucket Challenge would be one of good ideas to raise awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, these challengers join hands and/or challenge their friends for the good cause.

Sound like I just did Google about this kind of sickness. The true reasons for me to support this are either America or Cambodia do not lack of water needed; and it is really okay to find some fun in a way where u can encourage people to this awareness and to contribute back to society.

Until, yesterday one of my besties nominated me to do this challenge so I start to consider it seriously. And I kept dreaming all night long how fun is it to do this … I will not be comfortable in front of a camera with the cold water @.@


What do you do on WEEKEND?

What do I do on weekend? it's a good question, but i don't know where to start. 

Well, I tend to think that Friday is very important like "TGIF", but mostly end up staying home a lot because my boyfriend is being serious about his business and my friends are busy with their life as well. 
***If I have a choice, i would love to have a nice dinner with a nice drink (some fresh juice - just so you know i can't drink alcohol) PLUS DANCING. i seriously love dancing and people doesn't really understand that about me!!! 

Saturday, i wake up late as many other do. Then i will have a late brunch s.w or at home then would stay at my boutique a bit to make sure that my staff shows up and clean all things. Then??? going for cafe and work plan for the biz. 
After maybe for a cafe... Dinner and home! Sound so deadly...dry weekend isn't it? 
***If i have a choice, i would go s.w with a fresh air or go picnic and having BQQ with nice fresh drinks, shooting photos, and maybe swimming in a river ahhh :D maybe i should do sometime next week fingers crossed!

Sunday, i try to spare my time for my family, i mean the whole family, but since my family is getting busier esp my younger sis and older sis... I don’t really want to go with just my parents because they would give all lessons nonstop so due to my age, it would ruin my weekend completely uggg…
***If i have a choice, i would love to stay in my newly condo (I actually bought a tiny condo and only started with the foundation so it's nothing there yet) and would cook some healthy lunch and ask my friends over to watch some movies :D

look like the longest post i've written for such a long time :) hope other people reading mine would share their thought as well.


Extremely Be Caution

I know that i am not as strong as others, that's why i have to be super careful with food i eat! 
The other day, my colleague told me about the buffet oyster, and i ate it, i know i know this is a bad decision and i deserve this.

As a result (chol pek leng), i had to spend half day of  my life in the super old private clinic which costs me as much as in a modern Naga Clinic. 

Anyway, i have to :
- eat extremely punctual
- drink 3L per day
- eat a lot different fruit
- exercise regular, at least 3 or 4 times per week
- being healthy minded :)


Walking Aldo

Okay, according to internet :/ basically i have to walk him EVERYDAY. Yet, I cannot afford to drive him back and forth to the park with such damn traffic so I try my best to walk him at least 3 days a week.

My Aldo looks so naughty - Kach, but actually he loves everyone and too friendly all the time. Sadly, almost no dogs like to play with him T.T

Also every time i walk him, most poeple " where does he come from? what kind of dog? " ahhhh i have to repeat the answer over and over again :/ i know they like him but anyway i am happy cuz i am being attracted cuz of my dog lolz

yes, i become a dog, and he is my master T.T i need to train him harder
yes, master he needs some rest.
i am in a mess after walking him @.@


Rearrange Time Schedule

This is a new commitment to my everyday routine, I am going to stick with the plan. 
Let live a healthy life ^___^

Saturday: Family Time
  • Morning - Shop 
  • Evening - Family 
Sunday: With my BF
  • Morning - Shop 
  • Evening - Good Dinner and/or Massage
Monday: Aldo and Gym
  • Morning - Train Aldo
  • Evening - Gym
Tuesday:  Aldo and Aldo
  • Morning - Train Aldo
  • Evening - Walk Aldo
Wednesday:  Gym
  • Morning - ... Wake up late ;)
  • Evening - Gym
Thursday: Aldo and Aldo
  • Morning - Train Aldo
  • Evening - Walk Aldo
Friday: Aldo and Explore the world
  • Morning - Train Aldo
  • Evening - By saying "Explore the world", i mean going out do what i like to do and of course i love dancing.


Huge Commitment!!!

Getting a dog is as easy as peeling bananas, but taking care of a dog in right ways is as difficult as raising a human baby. 

Watch the video below, you would know how much my Aldo suffer me but i wouldn't give up on him. i want to train him and love him as much as he loves me.

Warning About Huskies

That is our recent photo, Aldo my giant rabbit.
giant rabbit.

When i first touched him.


Hong Kong, here i come :)

Life is full of surprise :) we booked the air ticket 2 days before the departure and stayed at a very clean and nice location dorm!!!!

1. Promotion Sale with Dragon Air: $375 (normal price is $550)
2. Dorm is $50
3. Food ranks from $5-$30 per person
4. Entrance fee from $5-$10 per person

For 3 nights in Hong Kong budget is $600 (but this doesn't include shopping :)