Yay, it's green!



I totally love my job... I feel I am a real lawyer now so I need to keep up and be more sufficient.
Professional life is way too cool than I thought :)
Write more later ^^


B o i l

Guess what is on my face?
------ > boil < -----
I just went to Naga Clinic. The doctor does scare me that if the medicine doesn't help I have to have a surgery on my damn face T.T
going to Bangkok with parents to accompany my dad to see a doctor... what a life!
the medicine covers the shi..t boil!!!
it was last Saturday when I had to work five hours straight!




I have been thinking about inventing a nick name!

Of course i have thousand foreign friends all over the globe, and there are only a few of them can pronounce my name correctly " Rath = Ro-ath". Sadly, some are my very very good friends can't too!

I was talking to some friends they suggested some nick name like: Joey, Cloudy, Jessica (alba :P ), ... 

One day, i woke up and i realized i always want people to call me "May" because i was born in May. I find a lot cool and similar personality are all born in May. So i think May is suitable for me ^^




The Lift

While waiting for the lift with my colleague and a well dress man so called a stranger! He is Japanese and probably a businessman. But who cares?

In the lift, there is a French couple. The guy is nice looking except he has his sunglasses on in the f* lift. So weird :/ 

That's my random post hehe.


F*king stupid internet

A damn letter I wrote to the internet service provider >.<

Dear Sir/Mdm.

My internet connect has been disconnected about a week now. I have tried to make a phone call or sent text massages but none has responded yet. I went to the Digi office but they said they will contact me until now no one ever reaches to me yet.

If there is still no solution, I would like to get my payment back.



t h e p o w e r

the power to be yourself
the power to overcome things
the power to walk away
the power to give up
the power to stand up
the power to cry
the power to move on
the power to confront
the power to be silent
the power to be who you are!



It was going to be very difficult. Yes, this is very difficult!
I am here again, silent!
I have to force myself to wake up, dress up and kick my butt to work!
this has been very difficult time again!



She always decides to become a happy girl no matter how many people have rejected her. Probably happiness does not have to depend on certain of people.

Happiness is a choice!