Law – this word is very common, yet very complex. Once, Robertson said Law does not have a universally accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior.

University life:
During my high school, I came across some books about Khmer history and Khmer Rouge Regime. This led me to choose law and psychology degree. And now, I think I have found answers to most questions related to “Why Khmer killed Khmer?” – I will write detail on this in the next post.

Wouldn’t do the same crap everyone else does:
I don’t want to say that education system in Cambodia is a crap! But why not just contribute whatsoever I can do to improve- instead of complaining?

So I have to be different! This revolution alone isn’t easy but doesn’t mean it is impossible, so it has been a pain in the as*. I have to admit that most of subjects were not interesting at all (law and psychology school). I know that I couldn’t put everything in my small head, so I had decided to only put 99% effort into my interesting subjects that might benefit me in the future.

Client Counseling Competition:
Once at my law school, I saw announce about the international client counseling competition. Immediately, I went to law office whether I was eligible, they said NO – I was in shock.  So I went on to ask the program director who organized the competition. Later they approved students from the program I was attending.
.Talking about the first round, I was totally crazy because they were doing debate in English. OMG, I was just LUCKY (only), so I got in.During school round, I think I did my best shot! First I did Google about the competition (yes, my life has depended on Google). I don’t think our small tiny library has any books or documents related to this. Second, I gathered all resources, including books (borrowed from lawyers), information, and real experiences from people. Third, I practiced my as* off. I made it to number one. :DDuring national round, oh gosh! I always had those feeling like my stomach was burning… I read, read and read. I did try to get advices from people as many as possible. Practice non-stop! When they announced the winner, my heart was about jumping out - :D I did it! YAY…National round wasn’t enough. I wish I could have more people to help us and guide us in order to compete in the international round. International round was held in Bangalore, India.  Food poisoning and fast speaking were our biggest trouble! I wouldn’t say because of this I lost, but too bad I couldn’t access to information or people as much as I wish.

Jessup Competition was on the way:During the competition in India, one of my very good friends was doing Jessup competition in US. I asked whether this biggest competition allow Cambodia, and it was YES. So, I said why not!!!

Just one of the stories! 


My dream room

To avoid confusion, this is not my own house but my sis house.

But sometime i like this cozy room. Will stay here sometime for sure ;)


Out of the box

I don't want to sound like an old lady, keeps complaining how miserable is.

I had met some inspiring people. I realized i had been living in a small box or in a small and circle box. I have to get out of it. Everytime i plan my exit plan, m very excited and ready for the new adventure. There are many people like me. M not the only one.