Internal Plan & Schedule of Phillip C. Jessup Competition

·        1-3, Oct:    Define the task who is going to respond the Applicant or Respondent

·        1-5, Oct:    Finish reading the compromis

·        5-7, Oct:    Summary the Statement of the facts of each team, Appl or Resp.

§         Everyone must be clear all point in the case.

·        8, Oct:        Meeting the coach, Zach, Julie, Matt, and others

·        7-14, Oct:  Collecting all sources, International laws, International court,

§         Print out your draft and share to the others

§         Discuss whole things about the what you got

·        15, Oct:      Meet the coach

§         Print out the pleading for the coach for any comment

§         Question and Answer

§         Discussion

·        15-18,Oct: First Draft of the pleading ; at least 20%

§         Print out your draft and share to the others

§         Discuss whole things about the what you got

·        19, Oct:      Meet the coach

·        19-22, Oct: Second Draft of the pleading and Statement of the facts; at least 30%

·        23, Oct:      Meet the coach, and discuss about the First Batch,

“Basic Materials, The First Batch of Basic Materials will be released in October. The Basic Materials are a collection of research materials, designed to ensure that all teams, regardless of budget and access to information, start from the same position. All Basic Materials will be posted to the ILSA Jessup website.”

·        23-31,Oct: Third Draft, at lease 40%

·        1, Nov:       Meet the coach

·        1-5, Nov:   4th Draft, at lease 60%

·        6, Nov:       Meet the coach

·        6-12,Nov:  5th Draft, at lease 70%

·        13, Nov:     Meet the coach

·        13-17Nov:6th Draft, at lease 80%

·        18, Nov:     Meet the coach

·        18-29, Nov: 7th Draft, at lease 90% of the first Batch

·        30, Nov:     Meet the coach

·        1-7, Dec.: Meet the coach, and discuss about the First Batch,

“Basic Materials, The Second Batch of Basic Materials will be released in December. The Second Batch of Materials is based upon requests from teams and usually includes a variety of treaties, case law, and secondary sources. Teams may suggest documents to be included in the Second Batch of Basic Materials; all suggestions must be sent to jessup@ilsa.org by 28 November 2008.”

First Draft of Second Batch

·        8-25, Dec: Finish the last draft of the memorial 99%

·        26, Dec:     Meet the coach

·        26, Dec – 1, Jan: Editing and Practicing Oral Argument,

§         Invite different People to judge our memorial and oral argument

§         ..

·        1-5, Jan: Editing, and real practice oral argument, Reviewing!!!!!!!

·        7, Jan: Finish everything, the real Memorandum 100%

·        10,Jan: Summit

·        10,Jan – March: Practice Oral Argument, updating the pleading for the oraCl..

·        15-20 March: Shopping and Sleeping also party

·        20-21 March: Prepare yourself for the competition

·        22-28 March: In the competition

·        28-30 March: Party…

·        30 March- 15 April: Travel around

Fighting :)
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Jessup competition is on the way!

i am now in the five member team represent of RULE and Cambodia...we have only three months and half to write the legal memorial for the Jessup competition. Sorry for being awhile away from my blog cuz my damn internet at home is cut off. :) fighting

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Finally, i'm done with the moot court at rule

IMG_0878, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

There were 4 Judges whom 2 from Harvard Law school, 1 is lawyer from Canada, 1 is lawyer from New Zealand, 1 is judge from ECCC. i think i did just okay with one week preparation. :) the result will be announced on Monday, nervous but it's okay!

will be continued, now i'm so tired and sleepy,

Good night Phnom Penh :)


Dead line = line bwt dead or alive= line bwt win or lose

August 19, 2008

8-11am: at work, finish and re-read the oral argument of second draft
11am-3pm:at RULE, practice & practice.....practice make you perfect ^^
3pm-5pm: maybe order Pizza to eat before going to fight at moot court competition
5pm-8:30pm: my team is fighting
8:30pm-10pm: packing for a trip to Siem Reap on Sunday to join the International Conference Angkor.

August 20, 2008

8-11am: at work, finish and do some prepare for the conference
11am-5pm: at Barcamp :) hopefully i can enjoy it, and meet all my folks
5pm-9pm/ later: party party.....party make you more younger ^-^

August 21, 2008

9am: get up...and be prepare to SR
12:30pm: leaving for SR by Mekong Express bus
7pm: arrive SR, really hope i can find the hotel where they all stay, also a available room for me :D ,and maybe going to the conference to see what is going on.

August 21-24, 2008: will be in SR

Soy Kimsan(mok kimsan/pe you), Sonita Khun(Koun Chhrouk), Nearirath Sreng(old sister), Pahna(super Chicken), Thearith(pe Kror bei)=Our Lop Lop team :P


The Coming Moot Court on 20th

Moot Court, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

it's more and more scary than i thought! it's going to be a serious one this time! because i think Anees who is Human Rights professor and a few top people from the ECCC are going to be judge who are five people to join the real Jessup moot court. :(

Am i gonna make it? :S



IMG_10911111, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.


Sad Poem

Sitting outside home under the rain
Looking up to the sky to feel of a single drop of the rain,
Wishing that the rain shall wash all my tears from my face;
share and take away all my pain.
Listening to the sound of the rain makes me more lonely.

Been hiding in chicken chair,
Been crying silently,
Been thinking why ohhh..oh.. why[?]
or I'm going crazy thinking about you

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