The last Episode of ECCC

3.54pm it seems like it was 6pm!!!!

Lazy as usual!

I’m really bored with the Casemap, nothing new to do besides Casemap and Zylab!

But what make want to work are:

1. I’ll finish my internship soon November 12,

2. I’ll not be able come to the court any more

3. I’ll not be able see people, staff and intern, in the court

4. I’ll be lonely and missing all of them so much.

5. I’ll be a part world from them

6. I’ll be a simple student, small girl, small young lazy again

7. I’ll be YAB

Since I’m at the court, I can say that I really improve a lot:

1. I realize that communication is really important in life, work and in daily life.

2. I realize that I’m good, a little bit smart, flexible, when I work

3. I know how to success in work/ but I’m a bit lazy.

4. I did hang out a lot with foreigner interns, I really like them

5. I know a lot good people both Khmer or Baran