Conversation btw a dog and its owner ;)

Not a good day!!!

Yes, it's Not a Good Day!!! not a good day!!!
I got fine by the f policeman! i should have waited to receive the official receipt instead of paying him tea f money....
then when i got at the office, there was a car almost hit my car... excuse me??? even my car is old but come on!!!



I need this hug seriously!!! too cute... I died <3 p="">

Me Before You

I couldn't wait for the movie to come out!!! So I already finished half of the book :D even the way book written is very difficult to understand cuz it's British style for sure. 

Warning, this is a sad ending! But love is not necessary to be together physically. As long as the mutual feelings are met => love :)
I love his eyes - I wish I could running to him in Europe 😬
That's me before I finish reading the book lol. This pic is right after I woke up!!!


Five random facts about me for being weird

One of the five randoms about me for being weird is Duck Face. I know this duck face has been famous for along time! And I think I started taking selfies with the duck expression since I was in high school :/ couldn't help it.
Photo of my feet - I hate asking people to take picture of me so instead I take photo of my feet. Another reason on of my American friends inspired me :)
I love dancing more than anything else in the world (I'm joking). So never say no to club (I mean before). But the weird thing I am intolerance to any kind of alcohol. 80% of time I would drink non-alcohol. Or one shot of volka, I have to dance till the end of the world or else I would pass out on the floor!
Ice cream - I always love ice cream. It doesn't matter the weather is hot or freezing. But every time I have ice cream I have fever.
Smelling my hair one of kinda thing hahaha 


i don't know what to describe my situation right now!!!
all I know that I am very frustrated with everything especially in Cambodia


There are a lot things left unsaid because it is so much better to not know the crucial truth. I know this doesn't sound like me at all but I have to learn it, learn the hard lesson.


Blind Date??? What?

You are right it's blind date! My dad set me up a blind date!!!

But, come on I just need to make my dad happy and maybe it wouldn't turn out that bad!!! 



I made this flower :)

I got my pod from DAISO at AEON.
To be honest, I had been super tomboy and no flower! but recent years, I've started to love flower... any flower :) maybe especially sun flower because sun flower in Khmer is "Phka Chhouk Rath" so its my name ^^


for all the good and the bad... i am close to buy a condo!

Now I have to decide between buying a condo or have trip on my birthday T.T
this is very annoying when I am close to make it for my birthday's wish. ugh!!!