For a big while I have blocked my blog because there was a long story which I cannot tell, it’s kind of confidential work.

I start to write my blog again because I want to have good connection with people who are from a part of the world to share ideas, life, and learn any new experiences.

During my break time, I have spent five months in the Office of Co-Prosecutors of the ECCC(Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia = Khmer Rouge Tribunal) as an intern. I have been so busy and really excited what I have been working. I worked with both international and national people, which gives me a lot good experiences.

First week I worked at the ECCC, we all just were so happy that we got an internship at the court till we forgot what the obstacles were. All four national interns including me were innocence people who did not know anything. So I got an idea what shall we do to make other people to know that we are useful and can help them as they were unaspectable or unbelievable. I mailed to others international interns about the work and the process of the court, and it worked. Later on, from national side gave us some documents to read which are really confidential; we all tried so hard to read though we did not know why they wanted us to read. There was only me studies comment law so I could understand a little bit about how to read and summarize cases. So I told them to do it, IRAC- Issue Rule Apply and then Conclusion. We all helped each others and always encouraged each other not to give up.

Afterward, international interns and staffs, and national interns and staffs became closer and closer. So I was more comfortable to talk and ask questions. One of us gave up by a stupid excuse that he was busy with his study, but why he wanted this opportunity. Let’s talk about intern. The international interns are:
1. Thomas
2. Vigeinier
3. Baiyon
4. Jusee
5. Jon
6. Neha
7. Erin
8. Andreas
9. Masa
10. Lis
11. Kip
12. Nathalie
13. Zach

National interns:
1. Chantola, he got bachelor degree of law from Royal University of Law and Economics in 2004. Now he is in Battombong to work in national government.
2. Sovanna Sek, she got bachelor degree of law from Royal University of Law and Economics in 2004. Now she is training to be a lawyer, and soon she will become a young Cambodian woman lawyer.
3. Nearirath Sreng, she is studying two majors in two universities, law in Royal University of Law and Economics, and psychology in Royal University of Phnom Penh. She is waiting the result of a job at the ECCC.

It was quiet hard if comparing our knowledge to others interns; I was the youngest intern during that time. But I had to think that everyone in the court has difference knowledge and they do their job depend on their ability, so am I? I should be more stronger than this, not just poor myself, and couldn’t do anything. I always told myself to be strong and did my best to all tasks which were assigned. Yes, I think I did a really good job in that.

During time finished the IS(Introductory Submission) we, UN staffs, interns and national staffs have been working to hard in order to finish the IS on time. Though, someday we worked really late till midnight, not me but international intern. And we also worked in the weekends as well. I still remember that there was a thief who stole a burger from Tom, he was mad so much and really wanna find out who was.

Time was passed by so fast there were a lot interns have left the court. And there were a lot farewell parties as well. The farewell of Josee was my first time, and there were a lot people so I knew them more clearly.

On Tuesday 12, 2007 was my last day at the ECCC, so it was my tern to make my farewell, however, Jon and Tom already left. I don’t want to leave the court at all because I like everything there, my desk, people, and Khmer Restaurant which is my favorite.

I miss them so much!!!

We are the best team!!!

You guys make me so strong and keep fighting everything in front of me. Thank you so much for everything.

Miss and love you!


Now I’m fighting with myself and our side of me. I have a lot plans which are so touch and difficult. So I have to fight a lot and use a lot energy to face to go forward to get my dream.

Rath has to keep fighting!!! ( there are a lot people say so to me, and I also keep a promise to do so)

The end of the world is not the end of my life.



1. Conference: about the ECCC:
a. Topic:
i. The process of the ECCC.
ii. Why does it take so long?
iii. “what are advantages of the ECCC”
iv. “Why a new Cambodia generation is not interested in the process of the ECCC” or “Why do not they care about History of the Khmer Rouge Regime which killed Cambodian more than two millions”
v. …
2. What I have to do:
a. Search:
i. Some presentation about the ECCC
ii. Ready any documents which are related to the ECCC
iii. Make some questionnaires,
1. How do you feel about the ECCC
a. Advantages/ Disadvantages
2. How do you think of the ECCC?...
3. Set the date, place, participations, time, and presenters:
a. Date:
b. Place:
c. Participation:
d. Time:
e. Presenters:
f. Assistant:

Right now I’m sitting in the Lucky7 which is in front the Phnom Penh Center. I’m lucky that nobody really cares what I am doing. I try not to care about environment around me but I still care sometimes. Anyway, I try to be like Jon, Zach, and Neha who are not afraid of anything in front of them. They are smart, clever, outgoing, and especially helpful.

I’m still thinking of most of my friends that they really disagreed with about the Khmer Rouge Tribunal or the ECCC. They said “Why do we have to care about the ECCC? And what we do care is about making money, getting a good job, having a good girlfriend or boyfriend” It makes me ashamed to face that most young generations do not care about their own history which is really shaved the future of Cambodia. When I tell this to my foreigner friends, I feel ashamed as I’m Cambodian because my own people who do not care about our own future of their country so how come that other people would help us if we ourselves do not want to help our own country? I have to make something change for my country as well I am Cambodian. I have an idea to make a presentation, public forum, or conference about some topics of the ECCC. I know that it would not easy to make such conference about this topic since I am not really clear about the process of the tribunal as well the history of the Khmer Rouge. I need to do a lot research and read a lot books to giant more knowledge of the ECCC.

The world is round! 19:11pm.
A moment, I met Mr. Vutha who is TV/Radio officer of the ECCC in the lucky7. I was thinking of somebody who works related to media of the ECCC, and then I met him. It is a good sign forward to successful of my plan. I have to make it happen, and I do not care much how hard it is or how many obstacles are.