I'm totally death


I was assigned to have extra work assignment with someone that very hard to work with. I guess i can work with sth even it's not my specialist but working with someone u dislike...it's hard... do u think i'm going to get fired soon? going to kick air?


White Club, so what?

isn't too bad for a Cambodian girl going to club????????

I need answer from the readers!!! plz:

Part Time Lover???????????????

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Three Crazy Monkeys

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we did had fun by taking hundreds pictures together on Sunday . After 10 years never met my best in high school in grade 8, I almost couldn't reconize her the first time i met her, immediately i asked her out the two next days....i do recall all memories in high school and i realized a lot girls i know in grade 8 got married and have kids and except us hahaha :)


Girl Shoes Shopping

My salary 99% was spent on these shoes:

To be contiued :)

Super Best Team Jessup 2009, gathering :)

I guess, this is the third picture of the reflection of the mirror. The first one was with Nita too in India, Second is in US.:) Zachery with Rath ^^Zach, our best coach with ta SoyZach with Baffolo
Fighting so hard to get the best pic
Jessup team 2009

aren't we cool?
i wanted to go there too but i decided to stay at home instead!


A Walk to Remeber, best movie in 2003

I would say, I have fallen in love with this movie since I read someone blog about this movie, and a lot people talked about it ... then i was hunting for this movie a lot place, and finally, i found it. i just finished a moment ago!

[to be continued]

The best part of the movie.


old post

12 August 2009 11:26
Dear reader,

Life has been so cruel for me since 2008 till now. I had spent one year to prepare for a Jessup competition, the world largest competition for law students from around the world. Then I was headache again for a short course and a competition in Italy. So far, I have been tortured myself, and even I try to hang out or go out sometime, I still feel not relax or get better. My head doesn’t stop working, I think I have over used it! What should I really do???

As a result i plan to go to VN to check up my health, wish me luck


Sunday :)

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more later :P