Girl Shoes Shopping

My salary 99% was spent on these shoes:

To be contiued :)


sylyvann said...

You'll become the second Marcos's wife:P

mara2go said...

It worth spent if it made you a little bit happier.

gäãra-dě-sañd said...

R u alright? U spend 99% of ur salary and buy this many shoes... what for??

Rath said...

@Sylyvann: ber nak na ban me ter chea wife, chbas che slab min kan! however, i will try to get a job that can afford me so i won't bother my future husband :P

@mara2go: thanks for understanding me, PS: hey when will u reveal ur identity?

@vuth: cuz i have saving account and 2 visa cards, and 1 master card:D