My holiday 102 - Myanmar

I had such an amazing time in Myanmar in terms of food, culture and my adventure with shock events! 

Okay, as you know i don't earn anymore so i have to save up as much as possible. I had to fly from Saigon to Yangon in stead of leaving from Phnom Penh where i live. The ticket was only $83 round trip from Saigon to Yangon. 

Okay, i am going to just high light a bit about my trip and you can enjoy photos below :)

Day 1 - Phnom Penh - Saigon (Ho Chiminh)

I booked my bus ticket one day before my departure as always cuz i'm the last minute person if you know me better! It takes about 7h-8h from here to Saingon... my ass hurts a lot! I stayed one night at a nice condo near airport and it was $28 (Luxury Apartment) which is not that cheap but i got free airport service.

Day 3 - Yangon 

I arrived in Yangon around 3pm without lunch or breakfast =.= I stayed at this lovely hostel called "Scott @ 31St Hostel ". it was only $13 for the shared room and $40 for the private room but with shared bathroom.

I wasn't recommend this for a group traveling unless you don't want to take any taxi or long walk.
This hostel is close to most interesting places esp good food.

1. Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant  ***** you have to try the 18 pieces dumpling!!! The best dumpling i've ever had in my life.
2. 999 Shan Noodle House **** Chinese food and noodle. At least I can order my friend rice and forever fried rice.
*** five stars restaurant for all high class people and expats! the food was good and i love their curry :)


OMG!!! it was raining almost my stay entire time. My friend quote "Umbrella is more important than you wallet when you're in Yangon."

Day 4 - Yangon - Bagan

On the 3rd day of my trip my friend joined me in Yangon. The next day we took a forever bus to Banga which was about 10h drive. We arrived at 5am in the morning and was praying that the hotel will allow us to check in super early due to the bus schedule! Once we got there there were many taxi drivers approaching us. We used google map before we bargain the price with them.


The hotel we stayed is one of the best among hotels in entire Myanmar is at Zfreeti Hotel, Nyaung-U. We only paid for $40 a night with swimming pool and buffet breakfast. Some people pays $70 for the same room we booked because I know the trick.

I wasn't recommend this for a group traveling unless you don't want to take any taxi or long walk.
This hostel is close to most interesting places esp good food.

1. Bibo restaurant & Bar ****** I love this restaurant so much!!! 
I can't remember other restaurants ... sorry guys!


It was just so perfect, clear blue sky.

You have to rent this amazing electric motorbike for only $4 for the whole. You must see sunset and sunrise.

Day 5 - Inle

It was just a giant lake surrounded by these amazing mountains. The few things I love about Inle were the amazing fresh fish food and the first time in my life to see the duck can fly ^^

Day 6 - Yangon 

We took a flight from Inle back to Yangon. 
Boring same old story... we have to sleep a night there before I took another flight back to Saigon. 

Day 7 - Saigon 

First time experiencing taxi scam.
- he said he will charge by meter but the meter is fake and it becomes 1 million Don 

- he almost hits my face when I said I don't have that money. 

- later I asked an expat Australian to help. The taxi driver almost hits that Australian. 

- later he asked 200.000 d so I wanted to give him but he refused to give me my backpack. 

- finally he took the money and threw my backpack.
Day 7 - Phnom Penh

My long lost friend who i haven't met for 7 years took me out for breakfast before my bus back home... I got home at 6pm so finally home sweet home. 

I couldn't connect my iPhone to the computer anymore... damn the broken wire.