A letter to USA Ambassador

Dear Ms. Ambassador of United Sates of America.

We are the Cambodian Jessup Team of Royal University Law and Economics. The five of us were selected to represent our university through a competition, judged by people with the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and a Canadian lawyer.

We wish to be the first Cambodian team to join the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Thus, this will be the first time a Cambodian team has entered the competition which will be held in Washington D.C. in mid-March.

Before we provide more detailed about us, please allow us to introduce about the competition. Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition is the world's largest and most prestigious Moot Court tournament with participants from over 500 law schools in more than 80 countries. The competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice. Representing both sides of the argument, each Jessup team is required to prepare oral and written pleadings.

Under the assistance from our two coaches, we have sent the brief (pleading) which we have spent two months and a half to complete to International Law Student Association based in Chicago. Hence, WE ARE QUALIFIED NOW. However, the major problem that we are facing now is that we do not have any fund for the trip and all expenses. We have tried so hard till we can reach this stage. Three of our team members have postponed their study at another university in which they are pursuing. We spent most of our time of the day just to do the research and read books. We get less contact with friends and family just to spend more time focus on and reading the materials. Sometimes we worked till late at night in school that the school gate was always closed. We are not complaining about this hardship; instead, we are willing to do it and happy with our result and work. However, most of the team members can not afford the airfare and expenses by their own. If we miss even a person in the group, we can not join the competition since there are two main issues in the case and four members are responsible for each issue. The fifth person is the researcher.

One of the main reasons we join the Jessup because it is the caliber of the law students that compete at the international level. By the time of oral arguments, teams have become fluent in basic principles of international law, international institutions and procedures, international case law, and some of the most controversial international law aspects of contemporary foreign affairs. The team structure invites a collaborative and flexible learning experience in which to develop this expertise. Thus, through the procedure of preparation, we will learn a lot about international law and its basic principles. We believe that international law is the basic principle of every national law. Thus, in order to improve every legal system, we need to learn about its basic principles and know the main purpose of the law. It will broader our vision to the world. However, international law is not very popular among the young law students nor is to the new generation in Cambodia. We do not want this young generation looks into the law as small as the frog can see it from a well but makes them jump up from the well and look into the broaden sky! Another reason is that we want to show the world that Cambodia is no longer a war-country in their eyes anymore; show them that we do have our team to compete in international standard; show them that we are living in peace as any other nations. Though since the 1970s, we have endured much suffering under the Khmer Rouge and our struggles to develop as a country in the years following. Nonetheless, we have never given up our try. As the former US Ambassador to Cambodia Joseph Mussomeli had given in his farewell speech, “People see tragedies into Cambodian history, but I see opportunities.” Therefore, we think that this is a great opportunity for us stand up and announce the world that WE ARE HERE. Thus, this is the purpose that we wrote this letter to you. We would like USAID to sponsor us the trip or at least the airfare, so that we can assure everyone can go. Please help make our dream comes true as we do not want the two-month-and-a-half effort blows off like air. What we can do in return is to open a small conference for each university (if they permit us to do so) about the competition and experiences we earned from it. Explaining to them to learn in the manner of not what is written in the law but why it is written in that way.

We hope to hear from you soon or please inform us if you want to arrange a meeting with us, so that we can provide you more detailed information.

Best regards,

The Cambodian Jessup team


Where DO U and Your S.O. want to settle down at?

My answer is I have no where to go yet! i mean i don't know where or how can i settle down since i still have a very long way to go...Sigh!!

I've been growing up in srok khmer. I went to university straight after high school, and I studied 2 majors, law and psychology…u couldn’t imagine how difficult I was! Since I had no choice! I got (stupid) government scholarship for my psychology field but I really like law field so I decided taking both…what a stupid!

One day, on the way back home at primary school, I saw a poor kid sleeping at a yard under raining holding his empty body, I felt sorry for him. I was thinking that I was lucky, and wouldn’t wish my family could afford me to buy a toy that I really love any more! This has been in my head 22 years, so I plan to help not only the boy I saw, but also the rest who need help. Being a lawyer or even a popular international law area would help them a lot. However, this dream would be really tough and I don’t know if I could do better than I think or worse.

I am a very busy girl. I’ve been struggling with my life, and challenge with many difference experiences how to success and go to the right way to reach my dream. So I end up stay single 22years no bf, am I idiot? I regret sometime but I’m proud of myself. Most of my female friends are getting married one by one [sigh]. So my parents start talking to me that I should working hard and also take time to think about future life too… but if I settle down now my future study would be disappear! And being a famous international lawyer wouldn’t happen. What a long way is!

I hope it wouldn't that long! sorry it's too privacy but i have no one to share with! my dairy would be my ever best fri to share with.Phchum Ben 2008
In 1995.
In 1993 (I guess), do u see the crocodile in the middle? Ah! I was fighting hard with my nasty little sister :D
In 1992, my grandpa, my brother, me (with a lot money), littler sis and my beautiful mum^^
In 1988, my dad must be a cameraman :-)
In 1987, look at my handsome pa and beautiful mum(^-^)


Poor Cambodia!

It may not work out for us about funding :-(

It’s very long story about Cambodia Jessup Team. I am a leader of the team, and i am the one create team too. One day i talk to my American friend, he told me that he's the world championship of the Competition, that i'm doing, so it came to my mind that why not Cambodia join it, it's really good opportunity for us Khmer students to experiences with excellent people and smart law students from around the world, and esp. to show the world that a small and wonderful Cambodia do exists on world map(I heard that not many people in Europe or USA know where the hell Cambodia located). Then, I have chosen some young smart law schoolmates to join as a Cambodian Team. I told them that it’s going a huge commitment, and a lot more delicates so three of five team members dropped one school(most of us study two universities) then we told to dean at school. In September, there was a school round so everyone encouraging each other that we had prepared a lot, and we would give the best shot for the School round in order to get one team to represent Cambodia to join the world largest competition. Yes, we did it!!! So we have prepared a lot, and strongly hope that we would did a great job. We had two couches; one is the world championship of the competition last year, and another one is British.

You may not know how badly of our education system is!!! We did studied law and some a few international laws but we don’t really exactly know how to apply those law bc…hmm.. When it come a real competition we have start from -100 points meanwhile the other participate students from Developed countries start from very high level standard of education. If they run, we have to fly in order to catch up or just be acceptable in a real compe. Sigh!!! We have faced so so so many struggling. We couldn't afford to have a internet at home so every time we want to do research we have to go to fancy coffee for free internet wifi. Plus, we have spent a large $$ from our own pocket for making a lot lot books copy, and we are told that we couldn’t bring a copy books to USA…Sigh!! How could we afford to buy those hundreds dollar to buy original books!

I’m the one who got a job so I did spend a lot more than others cuz I do understand about their situation! So there are ton pressures on me, job, family, competition, study, and scholarship. Sometime, I wish I could give up but I don’t and will not though how hard it is!

Our law school seems not really care about us, they did promised to raise funding for us, and also told us not to worry so much about it what we have to do just concentrate on your preparing!!! I would really doubt with that but the team just want to focus on preparing…today no one do care about us any more! I do have a badly effective from world crushing economic, and so does the teams. I may to have make a very difficulty to my family again..Sigh!!

Finally, we have been through so far but finally we haven’t gotten any single dollar for our trip to Washington D.C., to join the Competition. Hmmmmm… I don’t know if our team really makes it to D.C.!!! there are only a few people know how we have through for Cambodia for our own nation and for our future Cambodia… I wish I could have been heard.

[sorry for a long post with so many grammar mistakes but the more I read the more percent I would not post it]


Team Cambodia Jessup 2009

Team Cambodia Jessup 2009, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

The day at 11.30pm we submitted our brief to ILSA.org (competition that we're doing) i do look so yab...damn tired...no sleep or sleep less than 3 or 4h a day, it had been a week!


cheer to us^^

sleep 2 or 3 hours a day for a week before summit the memorial to jessup!!!....and now we're at gate hell!!!!