Poor Cambodia!

It may not work out for us about funding :-(

It’s very long story about Cambodia Jessup Team. I am a leader of the team, and i am the one create team too. One day i talk to my American friend, he told me that he's the world championship of the Competition, that i'm doing, so it came to my mind that why not Cambodia join it, it's really good opportunity for us Khmer students to experiences with excellent people and smart law students from around the world, and esp. to show the world that a small and wonderful Cambodia do exists on world map(I heard that not many people in Europe or USA know where the hell Cambodia located). Then, I have chosen some young smart law schoolmates to join as a Cambodian Team. I told them that it’s going a huge commitment, and a lot more delicates so three of five team members dropped one school(most of us study two universities) then we told to dean at school. In September, there was a school round so everyone encouraging each other that we had prepared a lot, and we would give the best shot for the School round in order to get one team to represent Cambodia to join the world largest competition. Yes, we did it!!! So we have prepared a lot, and strongly hope that we would did a great job. We had two couches; one is the world championship of the competition last year, and another one is British.

You may not know how badly of our education system is!!! We did studied law and some a few international laws but we don’t really exactly know how to apply those law bc…hmm.. When it come a real competition we have start from -100 points meanwhile the other participate students from Developed countries start from very high level standard of education. If they run, we have to fly in order to catch up or just be acceptable in a real compe. Sigh!!! We have faced so so so many struggling. We couldn't afford to have a internet at home so every time we want to do research we have to go to fancy coffee for free internet wifi. Plus, we have spent a large $$ from our own pocket for making a lot lot books copy, and we are told that we couldn’t bring a copy books to USA…Sigh!! How could we afford to buy those hundreds dollar to buy original books!

I’m the one who got a job so I did spend a lot more than others cuz I do understand about their situation! So there are ton pressures on me, job, family, competition, study, and scholarship. Sometime, I wish I could give up but I don’t and will not though how hard it is!

Our law school seems not really care about us, they did promised to raise funding for us, and also told us not to worry so much about it what we have to do just concentrate on your preparing!!! I would really doubt with that but the team just want to focus on preparing…today no one do care about us any more! I do have a badly effective from world crushing economic, and so does the teams. I may to have make a very difficulty to my family again..Sigh!!

Finally, we have been through so far but finally we haven’t gotten any single dollar for our trip to Washington D.C., to join the Competition. Hmmmmm… I don’t know if our team really makes it to D.C.!!! there are only a few people know how we have through for Cambodia for our own nation and for our future Cambodia… I wish I could have been heard.

[sorry for a long post with so many grammar mistakes but the more I read the more percent I would not post it]


Sophary said...

Oh sorry to hear about story. In regards to fund raising, i guess you may need to talk to your very closed khmer prof who will play a role in sorting it out by campaigning for your team and do all sort of thing to raise at least some portion of the funding. Because this kind of campaign have a lot of thing in the public sphere where the resource is, the prof. must be the one who understand ur cause and support ur team wholeheartedly. Some things he can do for u is to launch a formal funding raising campaign in the Uni, either holding a conference, calling for contribution from each professor at least 5 or 10$ each, put a notice every corner of the uni for contribution cause, or in a less option is to put a box in the ground floor at the Uni for students and prof who walk across their to contribute money either 500, 1000....piece by piece you will some helpful amount to support the trip.
The last but the most worth option is to send letter to the government [Ministry of council] or Ministry of Education urging them to give some financial support by telling them convincingly that your team represent Cambodia. When u can convince them about your work for Cambodia exposure to the world, they might at least start to think and might treat your team as the FACE of Cambodia in the international sphere. You might need to write letter to foreign embassy that keen in Education development in Cam for some funding. The US embassy might be the first on the list. You also need to write to some individual, say NGO directors whom you have been in touch with. They may have some helpful ideas as probably as some source for you.
All of the above mention, you need to seriously discuss with close and reliable friends who know and willing to help you in case there is some formality involved. You should give yourself all of the try in order to catch one tiny possible chance. I wish i could help you more. Good luck with that and smile with confidence that you will do it :-)))

GB said...

Well, that's da situation and nothing we can do much... Yet da only one thing we could do is hoping, wishing and praying for da better Cambodia... :-D


mara2go said...

Hi, GB!

I think we and Cambodian Jessup Team are HOPING, WISHING AND PRAYING for the better CAMBODIA.

I believe if this young team DREAM of flying to compete wth the world come true, each of us will also earn part of this story.

I support you,Cambodia Jessup Team, and i also support whom who assist the funding.