House Party!

My friends wanted me to throw a house party at my 32 sqm condo!!!  BUT, my place is pretty empty. I only have one sofa-bed, one fridge, one fan, one AC, one electric kitchen, one dinner/makeup/study table and two chairs!!!
Hosting a party is giving a heart attacked now!!!
What people expect!!!

What the reality looks like!!!


Miss Princess of TG Wedding

I know this is 100th wedding I have joined so far! BUT look at them, they are so adorable together and they have been together for 10 years!!!

Wish them all the best and the love never dies :)



I am half of everything. Physically I'm a women (am I?) but somehow I wish I were a man so I would be less complicated. Physically I am Asian, but my mindset is half Asain and Western.

So I do not go along well with female friends due to their grumpiness, jealousness and more... but I am not saying I am not one of them. I can't even handle my girly thing how can I handle other women's thing. mostly, I prefer to have more male friends.

I met my American best friend when we had our first internship together at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal since 2007. Yes, we have been friend for almost 10 years now. He always managed to visit Cambodia back and forth all the time. Though, he is quiet busy with life he manages to meet up or say hi at least so do I.

One thing about him is that he is super duper smart and I am quiet clumsy and not so smart (stupid sometime :1 ). Without him, I don't think I am where I am today. He helped me with a lot things like study, scholarship, competition abroad, and job!!! I can't thank him enough for all these things in my life today. His present in my life is a gift.

Okay, here is the sustain story! so we met on the last trip he was here. He taught me about directions. Yes, as you know I have no clue about directions so he was being nice that all Cambodians are as bad as I am too :) which makes me feel being less stupid.

He said, "Don't worry about eating food in abroad, just order whatever in menu, and just eat them! this is how you enjoy foreign culture". How come I never thought of this before?

The last catch up with him was like a re-connecting our friendship and I am happy.



I jus got internet connected to the condo and it works like a magic! so I can blog as much as I can as well yooohooo!!!!

I am thinking of Vblog but I will be f shy and not sure I can do it! let see ^^



Photo Booth is the best app in my 7 years old Macbook :) 

Okay, after two weeks of trying to finish all the required documents for the visa, i am done. Hope to get the interview by this Monday.

No one ever knows if i ever can get a visa :/

playing with app

that's the photo for the visa... i look hilariously chubby 

Oh... yes, they are this thick!!! just for the visa!



Miss A: i  hate you
Mr. B: I hate you too
Miss A: I don't know why I never understand you
Mr.B: 99% of the world population always need when it comes to traveling and of course most of them understand me well!
Miss A: Such a liar!!! I'm sure there are some people out there who doesn't understand you as well!
Mr. B: Whatever I'm such an easy thing to understand, and you gotta learn about me before you go!
Miss A: Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If a map could talk, that are me and him!

I am terrible with map and all sort of sense directions. In Bangkok, there are only two sky rain lines. But, every time I take the train alone, 90% of chance I take the wrong line and I got panic.

Going to Europe with all these complicated train stations? sound like a good challenging or crazy?


Weird thing happened all the time!

You cannot escape from this. 

Poeple give up on people; it doesn't matter if it were relationship or friendship. But the question is why is it so easily to give up on the person you cared so much and in the end that person does not want you to appear in their live any more! Basically, they remove you from their live completely.

I have the whole things waiting for me to do! 

My bestie 😍😍😍



Here I am, talking to you again my diary! Look like I got only you with me and the one is always listen to me and the one who actual remembers me! 


I've been very very very busy!!!
Hold on that is not the topic here, I am just being wining up about things hehe.
good news is I got my long leave approved but bad news is I have nowhere close to the comprehensive EU trip plan yet.
I have watched countless YouTube videos on how to plan your EU trip bla bla but I still don't know where to start my plan.
All I know now I have to get a visa first or else I won't go anywhere!