Miss A: i  hate you
Mr. B: I hate you too
Miss A: I don't know why I never understand you
Mr.B: 99% of the world population always need when it comes to traveling and of course most of them understand me well!
Miss A: Such a liar!!! I'm sure there are some people out there who doesn't understand you as well!
Mr. B: Whatever I'm such an easy thing to understand, and you gotta learn about me before you go!
Miss A: Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If a map could talk, that are me and him!

I am terrible with map and all sort of sense directions. In Bangkok, there are only two sky rain lines. But, every time I take the train alone, 90% of chance I take the wrong line and I got panic.

Going to Europe with all these complicated train stations? sound like a good challenging or crazy?

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