His Wedding

He is one of my few best friends! I don't know how to define the word "best friend" here. But, I do know that we have been friend for more than a decade.
Just so you know that I am not very good with rich kids and he is one of them. But he is exceptional because we keep in touch all the time since the day he left for Canada right after high school then I went to Hong Kong for my Master Degree. Communication would break the wall of my thing!
I just want to wish him that the love bwt them never die and best things would happen to them.
I hope that the Khmer traditional wedding people who would cut off their friends after getting married wouldn't come true to our case.

That is my big sis in my pretty dress :P


what else could be the worst thing happen to me? broken the most favorite glasses, breakup with bf, drop my phone in the toilet then broke the phone screen later, car accident, injure from the gas explosion, your best friends likely step back and don't have time for you, losing your job???

what else could be the worst thing ??? please tell me!!!

this is it???

oh god! how can i stay strong?


The Power of Silent

I just watched a kid movie called "Senior". This is a kid, ghost, roman, and love. I know it sounds so childish but there are a few things it sparked me.

There are many levels of silent. If you could be in the very deep level of silent you will find the beauty of it. I started to find silent very beauty, peace, and calm. The silent will allow you to communicate with yourself self better than anything else. Like, I actually love talking to myself in my thought a lot. So maybe it is okay to be alone :)

Romantic, i know i know this is very childish movie but you can hear from all the girls in the cinema how much they adore the couple in the movie.

The man actor is basically a ghost and the girl is very pretty <3 p="">
So you kinda know that they will be together!

She says " it were okay not to be able to be together, but you know that your hearts belong together".



Sometime imagination is more fun and beautiful than reality. So keep on imagining your world and you can do and make any story up whatever way you want to :)



One of those moody day of your month, you gotta watch either super funny movie or very romantic movie so I chose romantic movie called Brooklyn.
The girl is from Ireland which is in Europe and the guy is Italian. She moved to Brooklyn and met him at the lowest point of her life so they fall in love and finally they are together in the end. So this is a happy ending movie :D
Reflexing to myself these two continents are where I am trying to make decision which one to go this May! I always want to visit Europe again although I dream to go with my love one. Since i got none, it doesn't matter I can go alone! Let me work my butt off and save up for this trip.
That is the movie!
She is stunning and omg her eyes!


Mini Angel

The devil is looking for that girl who believed to be the last angle. A lot people were killed while searching for the girl. She didn't know what was going on but she started to realize she has some magic where she could disappear real quick and travel space to somewhere else. It has been three times she could escaped it. 

At some point she ended in an old building then the dvil came, she escaped with an older guy to the underground. The older guy told her to run but she insisted to go with her cuz she could escape many times. So she said "Please come with me, please!" 

He didn't come with her, so she has to run and hide alone. 

Here is getting weird cuz it turns out that the war became like in Star War lol and some soldiers are my high school mates. 

Then i got injure and there are many butterflies carried me away but since i was chubby they couldn't carry my high lol that's how my dream ended :D 

Once i woke up, i was like wow!!! i am an angel ^^ many mini angel :)

Welcome 2016

Some years I do countdown in town, some I would be in abroad to experience new environment. But, i wish i could do countdown in a cold and snowy mountain with some animals and human :D

But this year I couldn't make it due to many reasons, I celebrated with my friends. And, I had a great time with them.

The party for new year was awesome good! You got to party with your good friends and everyone looks amazing good. 

I have this sequinn dress for awhile and ware it for the second time only! I needed to wear it and it is so blink blink.

Happy new year everyone.