The Power of Silent

I just watched a kid movie called "Senior". This is a kid, ghost, roman, and love. I know it sounds so childish but there are a few things it sparked me.

There are many levels of silent. If you could be in the very deep level of silent you will find the beauty of it. I started to find silent very beauty, peace, and calm. The silent will allow you to communicate with yourself self better than anything else. Like, I actually love talking to myself in my thought a lot. So maybe it is okay to be alone :)

Romantic, i know i know this is very childish movie but you can hear from all the girls in the cinema how much they adore the couple in the movie.

The man actor is basically a ghost and the girl is very pretty <3 p="">
So you kinda know that they will be together!

She says " it were okay not to be able to be together, but you know that your hearts belong together".

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