N. E. W

My most favorite glasses were broken like two weeks ago, I am definitely very sad. 
if I haven't told you guys, that I am quiet attached woman with anything... my belonging, pet, friends and crush :D
here is it :)


First Solo Trip - Krabi

Coming this decision is never easy for me!
what a solo trip in a foreign country? sleeping in a hotel alone? walking at night alone? eat alone? taking picture all alone? talking to myself all the time?
YES - I did it all alone by myself. I should be proud of myself.
My original plan was to visit my best friend in Bangkok, but things weren't like what I expected. So I had to have plan B (I did have this plan B along but wasn't sure till the last minute.)
I booked my flight ALWYAS one before the departure so it means I am really last minute girl. What I have learnt form my trip are:
- I start to understand myself more by talking to myself the whole time... which is not good at all.
- I didn't talk to human for like a few days... can you believe it? but I survived.
- I started to like going around and make new friends BUT I have been grown up and was taught not to talk to strangers so here we go again... learning to talk to strangers :D
- I have to pack thing as light as possible
- I have to pack the right items I will need the most.
- do ask local before making decision.
- make new friends and go with them. 
- I did cry myself to sleep a lot to embrace myself how strong I am till today. and I comfort myself a lot too... I learn to be nice to myself :) 
The below are 1000000 pictures from my trip... Enjoy  
that's all I packed and ready to go.
The beauty of Krabi Town.
only for Zebra :D

It was raining so I didn't pretend to be sth else.

One of the best sunset I've ever seen.

Sleep Whale Express (guesthouse) I was told I am one of those few Cambodian guests.

My skill has been upgraded - selfie


Ao Nang town in Krabi

One of the four islands.

One of the four islands.

Somehow, I looked like a serial killer that no wonder why I didn't have friends haha

Hong Island

Hong Island

Hong Island

Hong Island

Hong Island

Hong Island

my feet ^^

Hong Island

On the way from Hong Island, I thought of death seriously. a lot things came to my mind like (i) i feel i owe my parents a lot and i didn't have time to say how much i love my family (ii) i mess up so much lately and i feel i haven't expressed my feeling so i might be gone without telling people...

yes... in the storm.

i found my new friends one the last two days of my trip. i like them ^^

the pool of the dorm i stayed. it was raining hard before i had my horse riding.

i would never have thought of riding a horse? i never taught a horse before how could i ride it?
i did it and i did it well ^^ i had one of the biggest smiles in my life. i will learn more.

for my British friend ;)

The new gang :D




I know that I have a lot fears for being alone:
- Travel Alone
- Eat Lunch or Dinner Alone (i can do it now)
- Going to see movie alone
- staying in a hotel room a lone :/ I mean I can share my room with 10 people is better than staying at a mysterious hotel.
- Travel alone is the most scariest thing I would say..
Guess what? I am going to Krabi ALONE ;)
I hope I will come back in one piece and alive hehe


stay alive

i know being yourself is hard!
you have to swallow your principle, your pride, your dignity in order to remain yourself.
but this is very hard, difficult and don't know how long I keep holding on to that.
maybe just stay alive and go out there explore the world.