i do want myself to be happy as i was but now i feel i'm old and abit stupid as before!!! Sna i really miss you guys...
the reason i'm sad because there are so many friends left me here, and i know already that it's pretty hard to meet them again. On the day Channa left, i did cried like a young kid. then when i was back to work there was a farewell party again so i couldn't stop my tear..ah i'm so ashame that i did cried in front a lot people... they said that i'm really like a young kid...but actually i do..i'm a young kid...

Yesterday, i cried again cuz my good friend in ECCC is gone to his country, Scotland. I'll never ever meet him again like u. What i really like him as you is that he and his brother(long story about his brother or his family) said to me " Rath have to keep fighting" yes i do want to do so but sometimes i'm just so weak and i don't want to continue any more. And i don't even know what life would be... and sometimes i feel that the end of my life will come soon ( i tell you sth, most of things that i feel are true)... i just hope that all my good friends still remember me as their good friend :)

Now, i'm in cold war...i did fight so hard cuz now i'm studying 2 uni. and work in ECCC. i don't know whether i can survive from this stupid things but i did try my best to do it.

As well i'm preparing Scholarship for my LLM to USA or UK... oh my god!!! it must be touch time for me ever and ever...

Just say "Rath, be strongly and finghting :)" to me!



....and the rest is still unwritten.

Be strong and keep fighting.

See, you have things to work hard for like scholarship. RIght now it seems you miss the big picture and forget the most important thing in your life. It's your family. THey're all waiting for you. YOu have a dad that loves you. Mom that loves you. SIsters, brother,nephew...dogs....are those things not important? are those things not worth your smile?

yes, your friends are leaving to different path. But there are still many more in cambodia. Each day have more fun with ppl around you.

your family are more important than us. Pay attention to them while they;re stil with you.

take care


hm!!! Tom's Farewell

Me and Patricia!!!
Patricia, Neha, mE, and Anees!
Ah...!!! we're Po and 'Kmóuy te ;)
Me and Tom....
Jon, mE, and Po Vannarith
Me and Zach
Sovanna, Po Vannarith, and mE!
Srey ot sar art, Nig Srey sar art!!!!.....lolzzz
Lop...Lop style....hahhaha [no worry cuz my foreignors fri. can't read it]
Tom, Thom, Thomas, Thomas Park