we are a wondeful family ^^ miss u guys so much :s

Our wonderful family

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running out of time so i will write more later :D


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cool...picture :)

cool...picture :), originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

It was cool...and a little cold :D we put self taking picture and tried to make it nice style :) after we done it, there were a few people up there, and shouted to us that they were watching us...how funny^^

this is me when i had no where to go!


The 9th Special Course on International Criminal Law

I thought I was the only was crazy trying to help the world, ending all kind of wars, but after I joined the special course of International Criminal Law at the International Institute of Higher Studies I realize that all of us have the same goal.

There are 80 participants from 30 different nations. We speak different languages at home, and living in different cultures but we have the same goal to help the Human Rights and Human Being.

23 May, i departure from PHP to Hong Kong, and had been stuck there for 10 hours, then transited in Rome another 9 hours to reach Siracusa (a small beautiful island in Italy) I was super exhausted, and jet lag so much...gess!!! For a few days training courses, i couldn't catch up anything!

The next days were good, and more interesting. The good part here is i got to know a lot cool people, they all are nice and cute^^ just like me.

The end of the course was perfect ending because of Prof. Bassiouni has inspired us to live and have a hope to do and help a better world.

I have a dream, and I am chasing it now… AND YOU?