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Life = Dream

Other day, I talked with a Ph.D lady about human rights matter. I found out that she has the same dream i used to have as well. She said she won't have a family or get married because we are too busy to save the world, this is really surprise me cuz i never thought there is anyone on the earth has this idea :D Guess what? We both got bf, and been in the PINK world. I discovered that reaching my dream doesn't mean I have to give up everything or even my Love, but we can pursue them together :D



Dear diary,

Life doesn't go easy on me lately, or it's me who doesn't go easy on myself!

I really want to go for what i really like and enjoy but the circumstances and everything surrounding me would not allow me to =( where are all my positive thinking and self-esteem gone to?

do i have to do things i don't like? or do i have to smile when i don't even want to? isn't my life?

Okay, here some confessions i have to make! since i've back from my Christmas vacation, i've only been to the library once!!! it was because i have to print something...GEEZ, fine, i think every time i make mistake or being lazy a** i just confess here!!! then i would force myself out of my bed do some work, not only about school but also sth more important than u might think of *-^

m ready to bed now, night night


Laura Mam and The Like Me's LIVE @ Phnom Penh

Thursday, March 3 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Parkway studios 133, Mao Tse Toung
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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For the first time ever, the Khmer American singer Laura Mam, and her band the Like Me’s along with special guests will perform in Phnom Penh on the 3d March (Thursday) at Parkway. An event not to be missed!

Cambodian Rock'N'Roll and Pop for one evening only! All the concert' benefits will go to Anvaya (the social network dedicated to the Overseas Cambodians and returnees which will also be celebrating its first anniversary) and Cambodia Living Arts.

Tickets will soon be on sale at $8 in advance (and available from CLA, Java Cafés, Rubies, and Promesses) or $10 on the door. More details soon!

A very beautiful Cambodian woman:
Laura Mam


Human Rights Programme - Scholarships and prizes

The Sohmen Human Rights Scholarships

Through the generosity of Dr Helmut Sohmen, we are able to offer several fully funded places for suitably qualified candidates for the LL.M in Human Rights. The Sohmen Human Rights Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. On Human Rights Day (10 Dec) 2007, the Sohmen Scholars of 2005-2006 established an international network of human rights practitioners committed to the promotion of human rights in the Asia Pacific region.

PS: More info: http://www.hku.hk/ccpl/human_rights/HRScholarships.html

BA of Art at HKU, scholarship


2004 Evergreen Scholarship 2010-11

Mr. Lam Sum Chee, an alumnus of The University of Hong Kong, has generously made a donation to the University to establish in 2004 a full scholarship that shall be awarded to students in the Faculty of Arts from the academic year 2004-05 onwards. It is the objective of the donor to encourage students through the award of the scholarship to develop their full potential and vision for the community.

2. For the academic year 2010-11, one scholarship of the value of HK$42,100 shall be available for award to a first-year full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts on the basis of academic merit as shown in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination results (or equivalent) of the applicant, his/her financial need, individual potential, vision for the community and enthusiasm to live in hall residence at the University. Should the successful candidate live in a hall of residence at HKU, an additional scholarship payment (equivalent to the applicable hall fees) shall be made to cover the hall residence fee for the particular academic year concerned. An awardee who is not living in a hall of residence of the University for one full academic year (except summer holidays) shall only receive a maximum scholarship payment of HK$42,100.

3. Students who are undertaking first-year full-time undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Arts are now invited to apply for this Scholarship. Application can be made online via HKU Portal (Self Service _ Other Self Service _ Application for Awards) by 11:59 p.m., February 9, 2011.

Academic Support and Admissions Section


January 26, 2011

PS: for more info about scholarship: http://arts.hku.hk/BAprogramme/scholarships/scholarships.html