The trip to Ho Chi Ming!!

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My mum seemed to be not so happy to let me go to VN with only girls like this. And my dad did blamed me a lot about this. He said that there would be rarely Vietnamese could speak English; the city is really big so you would lost way bla bla…

I started thinking about it how serous it was! However, I still decided to go ;)

I didn’t get enough sleep since I was afraid that I might get up late. At 6:00am I got up and I left home to bus station at 8:00am. Brianne, Neha, and I had only 15mn to have breakfast so we decided to have only a cup of coffee with fresh milk because we had to come before 15mn to check our passport and visa.

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The bus departed from Phnom Penh at 8:31am. When the bus left, I started feel a bit nervous since I’ve had never had been outside country, it was my first time ever to start my other trip in future. It was opposite from what I thought because it was not that serous like my parents and my friends told me since I got a appropriate hotel to stay and we did had a great time together like this.

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First day, we got at Ho Chi Ming at 2:39pm that we had spent 6 hours on the bus, damp boring. We checked in the hotel at about 3:00pm; we spent one and a half to rest and had showers. We went to a old pagoda which was so nice and amazing in everyone’s eye. For me, er… yeah it’s great but not much since I also went to a lot nice and beautiful pagoda in Cambodia. Then we got out the pagoda to have dinner by taxi. We went to Vietnam restaurant; and we had “Baj Chev Youn” which is taste so nice but it still not really different from “Baj Chev Khmer. It costs 25.000 Don which 25.000/16.000=$... (Do it by yourself;D) we all were so exhausted because we had a very long trip on bus. We came back to the hotel at 9:30pm then Neha and I went to PC room to send and post some words and pictures; shit!!! The internet was too bad, the computers and keyboard were too abnormal, I mean it all was damp. There were too crowded pp were in Internet RooM like this so I couldn’t be able to write a lot to post in this blog. I decided to give up after I chat with one of online friend to ask him to send message to my sister that I was so fine and the trip was not so bad, so tell mum to not worry about me.
Second day, we all agreed to take a open tour to CU CHI TUNNEL which we all had to be on bus at least one and half our to get there. to be continued :)


Let go VN

Finally, i am now in Ho Chi Ming, VN. The trip is fine. what about tomorrow? i don't know yet. Let's see if i can take alot pictures or not since the security is not really safe here, i mean hmm... whatever.

Good Luck, though there r not so many pp don 't 1 know. Ah i can't write so long cuz: 1. Damd internet, 2. my eyes, contact lend is so dry.... others pp r looking wat i'm writing.

Let's go!!!


First Trip to VN

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Stuffs for Traveling to VN:
1. Important thing:
a. Passport
b. Visa
c. Bus Ticket
d. Money ;)
2. Clothes:
a. 3 set of clothes
b. 2 shoes
c. 3 Srom legs
d. 2 hats
e. 2 Coats
3. Food:
a. Mi 3 pocks
b. Snacks
4. Medicine:
a. Kinal
b. Cabolevure
c. Smecta

First day, July 27, 2007
6:00am: Get up and prepare to travel
6:50am: Leave home to pick Brienne and Neha
7:30am: Ready to be bus station
8:00am: Let’s go to Ho Chi Ning, VN
12:00pm: Have lunch somewhere on the way to VN
2:00pm: Get ready to be Ho Chi Ning
2:30pm: Looking for a hotel
3:00pm-: Let’s see how nice Ho Chi Ning is!!

Second day and the day back to PP I’m not sure where to go or what to do yet. Let see ;)

July, 26, 2007

Happy Hour(no s cuz it's only for 1h)

me and Virginie

me and Alex Bailon=Bayon =Bong Mea Nop
Brother number one, Robert, pointed to me(er....V style again)...hmmm Then I put its down ;) however i still look good witout V!
The first party with friends of law shool
we took TOK TOK to another party
it's second party== me, Monique, and Bong Bailon haha... it's my style te...;)
it's the last party ==Ah!!! look funny ;)
ahahah very very happy for last day of Virginie and Alex...missing ú;(

My World vs. Reality World

A moment ago, I’ve just had debated with one my friend, law school student, about why there is ECCC (Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia) or Khmer Rough Trail. We have our own opinions whether there is ECCC or not.

Before I am an intern of ECCC, I thought like him also. There are many questions on my head, why? Why? Why? Why Khmer killed Khmer? And we don’t know why? And the word why has been everywhere and everybody’s head.

Since I am an intern of ECCC, I’ve known and understood a lot of new things which I never thought so before. Whenever I am trying to as other people, they say “I’m so young to know it when you are old enough you will understand about it. Damp it!!! I will not stay still to wait until that day come; I have to figure out by myself. Some of question marks released from my head already because now I started to understand between my own world and the reality world. In my own world, I always think something with reasonable reasons and logical only; however, now I realize that my own world sometime is completely different from the reality world so I have to think a little deeper in the reality. Although, people know what is blank and what is white, they seem to be silent or close eyes to see the black is right since we have to be flexible with the real world, if not they might be in trouble. In my own world, I still believe that we will find other ways to make the white to be the right things for people, like we should allow with them (power things) then just keep going with your appropriate goals to make it happen.

So what is right or wrong we will know in our head not on newspaper or TV.

Keep trying to figure out the reality world, keep your own world to apply it.



Up to the sky

She is just a small girl who ha a big dream to be the one who can bring PEACE to the whole world.
She seems to be down and up, and she herself gets up and stands up by herself without someboyd encouraging or inspring her.

Sometimes when she was down, she thought though she tried her best, it was still not work; but there was one new thought come up to tell her that it's already good enough to help them even it's just a little things as she wished, however she was a cute and hard working in their eyes so she seems to be up in the sky again and keep her dream up, stands uo for herself and the world.

she wants to be a symble for other young youth in world to be like her, and she wants to other people to know that she doesn't want ot be a hero or an angel at all, she want to be a simple and a small girl who has a big big big dream; and she wants to tell others to keep their dreams up like her too.

Don't ever never give up if you fail, you have to stand up again and again to go forward to make your dream come true.

PS: it's my own writing, i thought it would be a song, actually i don't know how to creat a good song, then it becomes a peom or theory or sth u think it is. :)

I can write this one unless only when i feel this way or hurt or bla bla....



New Things coming in my head!!!

Today I had an Intern Induction Course (11 - 13 July 2007). I was with other Int' interns-Defense, OCIJ (Office Co-Investigating Judge), OCP (Office Co-Prosecutor).

First guess speech is Reach Sambath. He is a Press Officer, ECCC; and also disclose about the process of KRT (Khmer Rough Trail) or ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia). If there are any people or national and international newspapers want to get information about ECCC, they have to contact him by person or on phone.

If anyone of you wants to come to see ECCC as well wants to know about the process of this court; usually ECCC open to all people no matter where they come from or what nation they are on every Thursday at 9:00-11:00am, please feel free to contact me if you want more detail information.

I just know one Khmer-American who got PhD of psychology from Massachusetts, US. He is really amazing to me since he is a high education, and he still wants to work in Cambodia that he will not get lot money like in US. He is from CSD( Social Center of Developing) which I really like that Organization since it demands justices for people in Cambodia.

+ Happy Hour:


Wish her go back safety and have happiness in her family.

HaHaHa… Bong Lino said” Please enjoy with beers and snacks at, Leang office, 15:30 PM Today. See you there.”

In his eyes was wet while he was wishing some meaningful words for coming back to her home country.

In the end of his wishing her, everybody paid attention to listen to him, Ah…he said “Can I hold you, Sara” oh god!!!! Everybody laughed loudly….. And Robert (Brother Number1= International Co-Prosecutor) said that you can do that with Sara but you can’t do that to me if you want to leave just leave no hugging…. We all laughed again. See??? Although there were some bad things happen on me, there still are some good new things come to me to make me strong again.



Very bad luck ever!

Today I invited one of new interns in my office to have dinner together at K&T restaurant; unfortunately, her phone was stolen by a very bad moto taxi. First, I really blamed on myself so much that I should knew that bad thing would happen on her since she used a good and expensive phone. I sent sms to tell the address of that restaurant; and if you couldn’t find it, you should pass your phone to moto taxi to talk to me. Damp it!!! He took her phone then dropt her in very quire and dark place.

I came to a hotel that she lives; and we had dinner together and also with Tom (Big guy). Ha-ha, we also cheered up for our bad luck.

Now everything was over, and she is ok now. Then I start to realize something new which is difficult to descript it.



Life in ECCC

This morning I talked with Anne who is are good man encourage me so much so keep trying, and he said to me that they(ECCC) are dying to hire you as a staff here. It really pushes me up so much to go on and keep trying. I do promise to myself that I’m doing my best to do it.

Most people in ECCC are really friendly and helpful. They always say “hi, how are you?” to each other Khmer either International staffs. International interns are gentlemen, friendly, cute, nice, and helpful. I do like them as my close friends, and I wish I could work with them in the future. When I start to think about our last day at ECCC, I feel so sad since I don’t want to leave them at all.

I hope after I am done my internship I will be a staff of ECCC while I will be studying two universities, Law and Psychology.

Cheer to myself :)

It’s me !!!!!

My first day I came back home late since I should help other international interns to finish some work to be done today, and I got home at 7:00pm then I had dinner with new friends whom I just know from CSD(Center for Social Development). However, I think they’re younger than international interns of ECCC. :) but one of them is Khmer. She is really nice girl, Karith.

At Pizza Company in Sorya Supermarket!!!


i don't Y

Why do i really feel so tired?????????

With other int' intern!!!