The trip to Ho Chi Ming!!

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My mum seemed to be not so happy to let me go to VN with only girls like this. And my dad did blamed me a lot about this. He said that there would be rarely Vietnamese could speak English; the city is really big so you would lost way bla bla…

I started thinking about it how serous it was! However, I still decided to go ;)

I didn’t get enough sleep since I was afraid that I might get up late. At 6:00am I got up and I left home to bus station at 8:00am. Brianne, Neha, and I had only 15mn to have breakfast so we decided to have only a cup of coffee with fresh milk because we had to come before 15mn to check our passport and visa.

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The bus departed from Phnom Penh at 8:31am. When the bus left, I started feel a bit nervous since I’ve had never had been outside country, it was my first time ever to start my other trip in future. It was opposite from what I thought because it was not that serous like my parents and my friends told me since I got a appropriate hotel to stay and we did had a great time together like this.

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First day, we got at Ho Chi Ming at 2:39pm that we had spent 6 hours on the bus, damp boring. We checked in the hotel at about 3:00pm; we spent one and a half to rest and had showers. We went to a old pagoda which was so nice and amazing in everyone’s eye. For me, er… yeah it’s great but not much since I also went to a lot nice and beautiful pagoda in Cambodia. Then we got out the pagoda to have dinner by taxi. We went to Vietnam restaurant; and we had “Baj Chev Youn” which is taste so nice but it still not really different from “Baj Chev Khmer. It costs 25.000 Don which 25.000/16.000=$... (Do it by yourself;D) we all were so exhausted because we had a very long trip on bus. We came back to the hotel at 9:30pm then Neha and I went to PC room to send and post some words and pictures; shit!!! The internet was too bad, the computers and keyboard were too abnormal, I mean it all was damp. There were too crowded pp were in Internet RooM like this so I couldn’t be able to write a lot to post in this blog. I decided to give up after I chat with one of online friend to ask him to send message to my sister that I was so fine and the trip was not so bad, so tell mum to not worry about me.
Second day, we all agreed to take a open tour to CU CHI TUNNEL which we all had to be on bus at least one and half our to get there. to be continued :)


Daravuth--QuincY said...

it seems you guys have a lot of fun...dont forget to eat FOH(some kinds VN noodle) instead of me...lolz

narith said...

hahah, asian parents are so strict. I'm glad you went to Vietnam and had a blast!

Anonymous said...

all ur pic a cute.. mean sangsa nov neng srey saat? dak CV 1 sin