Up to the sky

She is just a small girl who ha a big dream to be the one who can bring PEACE to the whole world.
She seems to be down and up, and she herself gets up and stands up by herself without someboyd encouraging or inspring her.

Sometimes when she was down, she thought though she tried her best, it was still not work; but there was one new thought come up to tell her that it's already good enough to help them even it's just a little things as she wished, however she was a cute and hard working in their eyes so she seems to be up in the sky again and keep her dream up, stands uo for herself and the world.

she wants to be a symble for other young youth in world to be like her, and she wants to other people to know that she doesn't want ot be a hero or an angel at all, she want to be a simple and a small girl who has a big big big dream; and she wants to tell others to keep their dreams up like her too.

Don't ever never give up if you fail, you have to stand up again and again to go forward to make your dream come true.

PS: it's my own writing, i thought it would be a song, actually i don't know how to creat a good song, then it becomes a peom or theory or sth u think it is. :)

I can write this one unless only when i feel this way or hurt or bla bla....



Anonymous said...

who is that girl? what is her dream about? how big is it? what kind of person c wish to become since c want to help ppl n remain unfamous?
well i like ur thought when u hurt!


Daravuth--QuincY said...

u r having some kinds of romantic feeling n i think u should convert it to poem or song. Just try how to make a song of ur own by reading the book, u can be a good artist n create ur own song coming from ur own feeling...i think u r some kinds of dat gul....lolz..

Hope u can do it!