My World vs. Reality World

A moment ago, I’ve just had debated with one my friend, law school student, about why there is ECCC (Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia) or Khmer Rough Trail. We have our own opinions whether there is ECCC or not.

Before I am an intern of ECCC, I thought like him also. There are many questions on my head, why? Why? Why? Why Khmer killed Khmer? And we don’t know why? And the word why has been everywhere and everybody’s head.

Since I am an intern of ECCC, I’ve known and understood a lot of new things which I never thought so before. Whenever I am trying to as other people, they say “I’m so young to know it when you are old enough you will understand about it. Damp it!!! I will not stay still to wait until that day come; I have to figure out by myself. Some of question marks released from my head already because now I started to understand between my own world and the reality world. In my own world, I always think something with reasonable reasons and logical only; however, now I realize that my own world sometime is completely different from the reality world so I have to think a little deeper in the reality. Although, people know what is blank and what is white, they seem to be silent or close eyes to see the black is right since we have to be flexible with the real world, if not they might be in trouble. In my own world, I still believe that we will find other ways to make the white to be the right things for people, like we should allow with them (power things) then just keep going with your appropriate goals to make it happen.

So what is right or wrong we will know in our head not on newspaper or TV.

Keep trying to figure out the reality world, keep your own world to apply it.



Anonymous said...

i dont c ur points.. still unprecis. BoL

mara_gogo said...

i got it.

mara_gogo said...

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