New Things coming in my head!!!

Today I had an Intern Induction Course (11 - 13 July 2007). I was with other Int' interns-Defense, OCIJ (Office Co-Investigating Judge), OCP (Office Co-Prosecutor).

First guess speech is Reach Sambath. He is a Press Officer, ECCC; and also disclose about the process of KRT (Khmer Rough Trail) or ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia). If there are any people or national and international newspapers want to get information about ECCC, they have to contact him by person or on phone.

If anyone of you wants to come to see ECCC as well wants to know about the process of this court; usually ECCC open to all people no matter where they come from or what nation they are on every Thursday at 9:00-11:00am, please feel free to contact me if you want more detail information.

I just know one Khmer-American who got PhD of psychology from Massachusetts, US. He is really amazing to me since he is a high education, and he still wants to work in Cambodia that he will not get lot money like in US. He is from CSD( Social Center of Developing) which I really like that Organization since it demands justices for people in Cambodia.

+ Happy Hour:


Wish her go back safety and have happiness in her family.

HaHaHa… Bong Lino said” Please enjoy with beers and snacks at, Leang office, 15:30 PM Today. See you there.”

In his eyes was wet while he was wishing some meaningful words for coming back to her home country.

In the end of his wishing her, everybody paid attention to listen to him, Ah…he said “Can I hold you, Sara” oh god!!!! Everybody laughed loudly….. And Robert (Brother Number1= International Co-Prosecutor) said that you can do that with Sara but you can’t do that to me if you want to leave just leave no hugging…. We all laughed again. See??? Although there were some bad things happen on me, there still are some good new things come to me to make me strong again.


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