New Year 2009

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one year has been passed so fast, i don't even know what i had achieved for my life.

-I have met a lot good people, and become my friends
-I have experienced many things that i never...
-I have found somethings that i never expected too

The New Year Quote is "Live Your Life and Be Yourself"

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone^^


Merry Christmas^^

Will write about the subscribe later^^ have to go shopping with sister in a few minutes :)



I'm tired with everything...and why i have to worry too much about this about that!!!
I don't know if i get through this. I never imagine this would happen to me, and it all happen in the same time...why????????????????

I'm so tired!


What are the tips when you work non-stop?

Please help, i need to strong enough to read and write tong pages everyday! I usually have four or five hours for sleep, and i eat not so regular breakfast, lunch neither dinner.........

need help....how to be full of energy even you don't have enough sleep?

Non-Stop working

Reading, Eating, and enjoying!!!

I have been working non-stop since the deadline of Memorandum
of Jessup is very closed, i have only 24 days left! 4hours to sleep a day o-O
i have to write at least about 25 pages, and about the funding is so silent!!!

hm...wish me and Cambodian Jessup 2009 Team good luck guys!!


Cambodian Jessup Team - Support letter

Dear Nearirath,

Attached, please find the letter of support requested.

Best of luck in all your fundraising endeavors!

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
International Law Students Association
25 East Jackson Blvd., Suite 518
Chicago, IL 60604, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-312-362-5025
Fax: +1-312-362-5073

Cambodian Jessup Team - Support letter


Family picture

Family picture, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

pretty girls are here :)

pretty girls are here :), originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

Bride, ...(4get her name),me and,...,Ent Sreypin ^^

my family,

my family,, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

Damn...wrong position! i've shouldn't stand in the middle!!! :P but we all look pretty though

We're cousin ^^

We're cousin ^^, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

@ my cousin wedding

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my little sister and my elder sister ^^ beautiful, aren't they?

you can see, mum and me

you can look, mum and me, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

@ my cousin wedding

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me and big sis

@ my cousin wedding

another one, originally uploaded by Nearirath Sreng.

do we look alike? we're sister :P


Egagement Party^^

I think i was out my mind cuz first i didn't dress up at all, just wanted to wear a jean and a T-shirt...gosh! bong Kunthy and bong Samay didn't tell me to dress up at all. The last minute, i changed my mind, okay just dress up very simply. Thanks god! i was right ^^ or i would be most weirdo girl in the party :P
We couldn't stop hugging, saying goodbye because we all don't want to separate again and again =(
Dancing time, we didn't really waste time sitting still so why not JUST DANCE ;)
kOM merl geay, they all are good at dancing, sor ei kor ches der :D
Kunthy had Red Wine a few glasses, muk lerg kror morn, Bong Samay kor min noy der
While we were waiting in the line to WC, took this shot oh! there was a story...hahaha ask bong Samay or Kunthy by yourself tov hahah funny^^
Cheer moy ;)
WE Three, look good?
wow it's all my food...i'm in the heaven now (^_^)
I was about going to have discussion club with Nita and the Boys for the competition.


Since August 2008, I have thought about joining the Jessup competition, the world largest competition for law students from all around the world. I have decided to do my best to work it out, so I have chosen people in my team members, five people. September 19, 2008 there was a School round of Moot Court at Royal University of Law and Economics. There were 4 Judges whom 2 from Harvard Law school, 1 is lawyer from Canada, 1 is lawyer from New Zealand, 1 is judge from ECCC. We all encouraged each other to just do our best on our own session in order to make our dream come true. Finally, we all five made it. But it’s still long way to go!

The deadline of Pleading is on Janury 11 but we all have to finish it by January 5, and one week left is for edition. So see? My schedule is really really really tough, we will hardly neither enjoy nor join the Christmas and New Year.

Now we’re facing two big factors are not enough time to research and write the pleading, and funding. Please pray for us (T_T)

Whatever!!! Just enjoy it and try to give the best try on it.

Let’s Rock it, Cambodia Team.Sitting at Sentiment for 4h to write my draft of the pleading.
Me and Lak, we've haven't met for four years ^^A pre-party :) they all are my high school friend, no one has been changed much...still have a lot with while i'm with them :)