My First Week in HK

I don't know where should i start from since i have too much to share.

Well, there were not many friends to see me off since it was workday! But all-important people had shown up like my parents, sis, cousin, aunty, Bora, Pheng or Channa’s BF :D, Lo, Oun Sei, and my honey.

I managed not to cry when I left to check in area because I want them to know that I’m going to be fine.
Talking about my journey to HKU is ridiculous. I had 28kg of luggage and 12kg backpack with me while I decided to take bus to city. The bus driver was supper aggressive, and unreasonable. I don’t want to describe how cruel he did, whatever. I managed to find my dorm where I spent my first few days no pillow, no water, just nothing. However, Life was better after I knew a few friends after I start my class. We went to buy all pillow, blanket, and so on. Can’t count all those things here lolz.

Academic life here is tough. I have about 2000 pages to read for one course; it brings back my experience of Jessup Moot Court which I had spent almost one year to prepare and we had only few hours to sleep everyday. Yet, I have full daytime to read and do research because all class I have is in evening.

OMG! My entire classmate’ backgrounds are super human. Some already finished their Ph.D, a psychiatric, a journalist, a few from UN, Lawyer, and more. And I’m only one banker

I am commitment to this LLM, I will take all opportunity I could back home.
Go Go Go Rath.
that's what i do when i'm getting bored from reading n being in my tiny room!
was too excited with JP food :D but here its expensive though!
the day i went to buy all pillow stuffs, it was raining hard while i carried super heavy things on me T-T what a bad day!
My Uni. Card: it's cold cuz u can get all discount cuz u're HKU student ^^
love u all ^^


Real goodbye

I will flight to Hong Kong tomorrow morning, and i will reach HKU at 4pm i think.

i'm going to miss everyone, my family, my dearest friends, and my honey.

This is just a short battle field; however, it's just the begining of my real journey of reaching my dream, bringing peace to the world and my country.

I will write about my whole story of hunting scholarship.

PS: i hope i won't cry tomorrow because I don't want to leave sadness for them. i should show them that i am strong, and confident to make them feel warm, and i will make my mission result good.


The Shop

The batch :)

IMG_7745 He is writing an e-mail for me.

IMG_7747The best shot i got :) i don't mean they are nice hahaha...

this is my new glasses, how much is it? u never can get a right answer :D

I was willing to finish this book but my stomach was screaming so loud:P