Farewell HKU

Human Rights Students from different generations
Golden Soju
This is me after one glass of red wine and golden soju @.@
My HRs classmates ^^ love you

To all human rights people, some are still in jail, some are/were disappear, some are in schools, remain strong and some might be struggling fighting for better world.

PS: "Though I'm not the best student in the class, but I'm sure you're my best professor, inspires me to keep fighting for justice and peace" always remember you professor Linton.


My christmas vacation

showing parents of our photos in Siem Reab

My beloved parents


Family ^^

loy te?

sunshine Rath

Just me :)
he is so cute :*
our dinner before 2011 was awesome :)
my favorite fried chicken ever <3 div="div">


if sth wrong happens, i feel so guilty that i have not done anything to my family, and take care my parents.........


Since i've been BACK I find myself very hard just to fall asleep. I doubt myself if this is because of a stress or what.

I think i could find all solution to my problem, but still why i could not just fall asleep like i did when i was home, every time i put my back on the bed only 5mn i would be in deep sleep. So this is not STRESS yet. I have tried, drinking warm water, warm water with honey, do a bit exercise, even a beer. But, now i am facing a big crisis of sleeping disorder.

@.@ any other tips, guys?

I'v experienced this, and I know that my parents must have hard time if they are sad or worry about something, and they would not be able to fall asleep. However, i think i should i have done something to help them and myself.
will i make it??????????????? SIGH



Dear Friends of the Jessup,

ILSA is delighted to announce that Judge registration for the White & Case International Rounds of the 2011 Jessup Competition is now open! And, if you intended to but have not yet signed up to judge a national or regional competition, you may also indicate your availability for those levels of the Competition by completing the Volunteer Judge Application Form at http://www.ilsa.org/judges/judges2011.php.

---Judging at the White & Case International Rounds, March 20-26, 2011, in Washington, D.C.---

The White & Case International Rounds will take place March 20-26, 2011 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. If you would like to serve as a judge, please complete and submit the Volunteer Judge Application Form at http://www.ilsa.org/judges/judges2011.php. Registration for judging will remain open as long as space is available. Preferred times go quickly, so it is best to sign up soon (especially if your availability is limited). Based on registrants' indicated availability, we will create judging schedules and communicate those schedules to volunteers starting in February.

---Judging at Regional and National Rounds Worldwide---

Regional and National competitions in over 50 countries begin this month and continue through early March. Many competitions, including the U.S. Regionals, are still in need of volunteers to serve as judges. Please indicate your interest in judging a National or Regional competition on the Volunteer Judge Application Form at http://www.ilsa.org/judges/judges2011.php, or contact the relevant competition administrator listed at http://www.ilsa.org/jessup/national/na-schedule.pdf directly.

---Judging Memorials for Regional, National, and International Rounds---

Most memorial judging for Regional, National, and International Rounds takes place remotely and in advance of each competition. The memorials, grading instructions, and case materials are all sent to judges via email. Scores may be returned by fax or by email. If you would like to grade memorials for any stage of the Competition, please indicate your availability on the Volunteer Judge Application Form athttp://www.ilsa.org/judges/judges2011.php.

---Jessup Final Round DVDs---

ILSA's DVD collection now includes the past 11 years of Jessup World Championship Rounds (2000-2010). ILSA is offering a special 10% discount for the 2000-2009 10-year set, which includes a 10-disc DVD case and a complimentary copy of "From Nuremberg to Rome," also recently formatted to DVD. If you are interested in purchasing Jessup Championship Round DVDs, visit http://www.ilsa.org/merch/dvd.phpor contact Matt Szuminski at mszuminski@ilsa.org.

Thank you very much for your continued dedication to the Jessup. Without your generous donation of time and talent, the Jessup Competition would not be the global success that it is. I hope to see many of you at this year's National, Regional, and International Rounds.

Best Regards,

Will Patterson

Executive Director, International Law Students Association
25 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite OMB1051
Chicago, IL 60604, U.S.A.