Since i've been BACK I find myself very hard just to fall asleep. I doubt myself if this is because of a stress or what.

I think i could find all solution to my problem, but still why i could not just fall asleep like i did when i was home, every time i put my back on the bed only 5mn i would be in deep sleep. So this is not STRESS yet. I have tried, drinking warm water, warm water with honey, do a bit exercise, even a beer. But, now i am facing a big crisis of sleeping disorder.

@.@ any other tips, guys?

I'v experienced this, and I know that my parents must have hard time if they are sad or worry about something, and they would not be able to fall asleep. However, i think i should i have done something to help them and myself.
will i make it??????????????? SIGH


Narath said...

What have you tried so far as for solutions? have you tried warm milk? a cup of milk and microwave it to a warm temperature might help you a little bit. You might also want to change your sleeping habit. Maybe you should always sleep at a certain time. For example maybe 12 at night or whatever you want to, but do it every single day. That could alter your habit and soon or later you wil adapt to it and hopefully you could fall asleep. Getting enough sleep is important. Take care! From Narath...

Rath said...

thanks so much ^-^ it does really helps me. Rath

Narath said...

:) nice! I am happy to hear that!