New Year eve in Hong Kong for only US$219.48

Dear travelling lovers, 

Please don't miss a chance to book a cheapest flight from Phnom Penh to Hong Kong for this coming new year eve. 

Here is what you can get a cheap ticket at Cathay Pacific:
1. Take bus from Phnom Penh to Saigon for two ways is only US$24 by Mekong Express.
2. The next day you can take taxi to Saigon's Airport to Hong Kong Directly for only US$219.48
(***Condition: You have to travel with another person or another word is for couple traveler.)

Period Flight is from 27 Dec 2012 - 02 Jan 2013

  1. Sales period ends 31 DEC 2012
  2. Travel period: till 31 JAN 2013
  3. GV2 fare: is eligible for minimum of 2 passengers who must travel together through the whole journey
  4. ***for detail plz go click here.

New Year Eve in Bangkok for US$67

If you are a budget traveler like me, why not just celebrate New Year Eve in Bangkok for a few nights.
I just found a one way flight by Air Asia promotion for only US$67. Here is a schedule you might consider:

1. Take Air Asia on 31 Dec 2012, Depart at 17:10PM Arrive at 18:20PM. 
2. Must book before 2 Dec 2012 at 00:00.
3. You might have to book hotels in advance if you don't want to spend your lovely eve on the street for the whole night with your heavy backpack.

The reason I only recommend to book one way ticket:
1. Because its on sale on the way to Bangkok but not coming back to PP.
2. Why not save up the money to shop. Almost every shop has a special discount so you might be crazy shopping and end up with a a few huge luggage, so it would be easier to travel by bus because you don't need to pay extra for it.
3. So why not just take one way flight and come back by bus. 

Just example of a crazy shopper! lol


Amazing trip/Guide to Kampot - Kep

The Trip has begun ^^

First Day: 27-11-12

7.30AM: we took the Sorya Bus to Kep. The road is pretty bad, so it took forever to reach the destination (7.30-12.30PM). Once we arrived there, we were wondering where to eat because I didn't want to eat on the beach side where you have to spend extra money just to have seaside view. So we had lunch at Brise de Kep Restaurant, where you just walked straight about 50 meters on your right side of the bus station. The price was reasonable, and the food was so good.

***Advice: you can pay a bit higher like $8, riding a mini van which only takes 2h from Phnom Penh to Kampot by Kampot Express.

Fried shrimp with green pepper - about $4.5

At 1.30PM we walked from the restaurant to the Rabbit Island port for about 30mn. 
We should have taken a tuk tuk.

***Advice: be aware that one returning boat cost only $20 for 6-8 people. Do not buy boat ticket at the mini mart on the right side. Otherwise they will charge extra. We ended up paying $5 per person.

 The view along the way to the island.
It was so hot... but really enjoy
The beach.

There are so many dogs on the island, and I couldn't ignore their cuteness.
His name is អាកាធាត់

His name is Pity - អាកំសត់

His name is Chubby - អាកាម៉ាប់

Her name is Rath ហៅអាស៊ីច្រើន

We thought we didn't need to book a bungalow but it turned out disaster because everything was full!!!

***Advice: For backpacker from abroad, better avoid coming during national holiday. And please book bungalows in advance. The price start from $5 without WC inside the bungalow to $10 with WC inside the bungalow.  

Below is the list,

1. Yay Oum Bungalow Rabbit Island
 Condition: wooden house, look cozy (I might stay there next time)
Phone number: 012 34 37 59, 097 7343 759

Condition: contains 13 traditional basic beach bungalows. 
Most of the bungalows have en suite toilet and shower but there are also some without.
Phone number: 012 893 102, 012 420 503, 016 473 728  

3. Guesthouse Restaurant and Bar (Can't read the name of it)
Condition: very basic
Phone number: 097 844 7243, 097 898 6677

4. Koh Tousay Restaurant and bungalow 
Condition: very basic
Phone number: 09775 76 116, 097 9131012, 012 439 272, 
012 858 176, 012 330 131

 Second Day: 28-11-12

From Kep to Kompot is 25km. 
You can take bus or tuk tuk. By Tuk Tuk they charge you around $10 to Kampot town or $15 if you want them to drop you at a remote resort like Villa Vedici or Les Manguiers. So we asked tuk tuk to drop us at Rikitikitavi hotel and restaurant before going to the resort. 

We stayed at Villa Vedici over night, a room costs $40. It's pricey because the room is not that fancy and it's without breakfast. However, they have a very stunning river view from the backyard of the resort. They have bicycle for sightseeing around for free, table tennis and more. I jumped into the mysterious water once, but it would be much more fun if there were a lot of people to swim with. 

In the evening, we went to town by tuk tuk and paid $7 for two ways. So we decided to go to a restaurant called Rusty Keyhole, it's along the way of the river, most tuk tuk know the place. It's ranking number 4 on Tripadvisor, but to me it's number one.

***Advice: you must go to Rusty Keyhole and don't forget to order Ribs Pork Grilled. Taste like heaven, I promise to all meat lover. 

After early dinner at 8pm, it was time for a private movie screening.We went to Ecran Movie House, and they charged us $3 per person. It wasn't a good choice for us because we all fell asleep after the movie. 

The picture en route to mainland, then Kompot.

Rikitikitavi restaurant, was so good but a bit pricey. $7.7 for this grilled kebab.

$4.7 for veggies red curry. 

At Rusty Keyhole, I love everything in kampot

 Rusty Keyhole, $5.5

 Rusty Keyhole, 22000Riel = $5.5 for half pork ribs grilled

Breakfast is $3, it was okay.

Cycling around the resort.

Learning the sign

First lunch at Epic Art. (it's nice but the food style is very European for us Asian)

Second day again at Rusty Keyhole

Second day again at Rusty Keyhole

Adventure to Awesomeness Kampot
This is my original plan!
·         First Day: 27-11-12
o   7.30AM : Leave for Kampot
o   11-12.30 AM : Arrive Kampot;  Lunch at Epic Art Café (#67 Oosaupia                                                   Muoy | Sovann Sakor, Kompong,  Kanda, Kampot, 092 922 069
o   1PM : Leave for Rabbit island
o   3-6PM : Adventure on the island to see another side of the incredible beach + Sunset
o   7-10PM : BBQ with fire – beer and more

·         Second day: 28-11-12
o   9-9.45AM : Ready for breakfast
o   10-11.30AM : Hang out on the island for before departure
o   11.30-12AM : Back to Kompot – check in at Villa Vedici (017 291 782)
o   12.30-2AM : Lunch at Rusty Keyhole (092 758 536 or 012 679 607)
o   2-3PM : hang around town or take a nap before another adventure
o   3.30-PM : Sunset River Cruise ($5 per/person) - let’s explore the nature around and have a good swim ^-^ don’t forget bikini girls!
o   6:30PM - late night : Dinner at Rikitikitavi, Riverside road, Kampot (012 23510)

·        Third Day: 29-11-12
o   8.00-9.30AM : Jump in Swimming Pool then breakfast
o   9.30-11AM : Village Trip - taking a boat to small little village around Kampot - can swim in
 river as well :D
o   12AM : Check out and have Lunch …
o   12-3 PM : tour around town
o   3PM : Back home

***Things to take:
- Shoes: Flip Flop, Sneaker (for adventure on the island)
- Towel, Shampoo, Sun cream, Sun Glasses, Toothpaste, Bed sheet or big blanket
- Bikini :D

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