I really need to find a way to live a healthier life >.<

How to define a healthy life?

A healthy life means everything about your life like your family, 
your BF/GF, your friend, your job, your routine life.

Imagine myself what make me happy the most? -> I DON'T KNOW

But what I have dreamed is that I want to help the world to be a better place!
i know it sounds a bit crazy but i never want to forget that! I know that i want to save the world but i also have to save myself first! how to do that?

working with a NGO is not in option any more! working with company is ... not so sure! working in... are not defined my future at all... what's wrong with me??????

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Anonymous said...

That's a great attempt you've had. To help you reach your goal in an easier way, you may need to make your goal a bit more specific. For example, you may help the world to be a better place in term of... (everything):) .

Of course, everyone needs a healthy life, an happy life. Frankly speaking, it is hard to get one owing to the large number of the varieties and disagreement. But, i am sure everyone has his own definition. To me, the definition could be changed. It took me about 4 years to get a new one. But my old one remains priceless.

Just my tiny opinion! Hope you have fun with your life most of the time. You are a happy bright star.

With my appreciation!