better keep go on:)

I don't know why i have to do this or do that. I'm still confusing what is the meaning of ma life. I have asked a few of mine and they said so. Most people desire money but actually i do not wish those thinngs. As i did surevey some pp they said they only need money cos if they have money, they'll have everythings. Don't u think i'm strange from others?


Long way to go
I'm starting to ask myself who am I? Why am I here? Is it me who wish those stuff? i'm thinking about myself that i need all the word, awesome, pretty, cool from you guys? Hum!!! Not really sometimes :O what should I do in stead of those things :1 I don't know what I gonna do with my complicated life. Even now I already found my dream, I still can't find way to reach it. Hm!! Tell you the truth I've never had success even one time that's why sometimes I wanna give it up and don't wanna stand up to see the same result. In reality,there are many people who are like me, when they have fail many times then they gave it up; this is only for weak people but strong people can stand up to continue their dream. So I decide to walk forward to my dream to come true.

Everyday, every night, every time, every minute, every breathing, I'm always walking through the clue of life. I just don't wanna waste time to play all the games which make me can't stand up for the real life. I now explore my genuine word. I'm gonna do it do it do it do it :D

Before I've never thought I would be a pretty, cool, or awesome, I just wanted to be a simple girl who didn?are about others and also LOVE. I was the one who didn?anna be attractive girl and I realized that I was out of modern world. I'm now not really smart, pretty but I can find my way to feel free to do whatever I want and don't really stress with uselessness stuff. I have a little bit self-esteem, and now more and more confident and independent. I'm gonna be myself as soon as I realize what the meaning of my life is. None could change my dream and change my mind even my special. Oh!! My dream might not a real love like others prefer. What my dream is to help people who might be needing aid and bring peace to the world and especial my country. Actually, I exceedingly hate war. Do you know how many people cry like a river because of damp war?

Future, I'm still a simple girl to a simple woman. I just hope I could make my dream to be real and I would declare that don't ever give up for your dream come true. And I just hope I could find someone who is suitable person to be my 100years friend.