Emotional balancing!

I was born with frustration, nervous, worried, scared, and over-thinking >.< just right now i am super frustrated with things around me!!!

A random radio show on BBC, there was (I can't remember the name) a author of the theory said " you can't afford to experience the extreme emotional because it might lead to depression at some point!" he also added that controlling your emotion is the most difficult thing to do for example if you are too positive, it might not realistic and this could result stress and depression. Therefore, you have to realistic at the same time balance your emotional. If you were about to be brainwashed, you have to keep in mind that anyone can take away any part of your physique but they cannot take your soul. 

 I do agree with him sometime, yet I believe that if you work extreme hard, and play extreme hard, it would balance life BUT u do not have time to confront your feeling, thing u have done the past because you are too busy to work and play!!! 

For now I will combine my own life theory = working hard + playing hard + and quiet time to relax and flashback my life and thing i did.

Cool, i have a deal for myself now

trying to be cute ~ fail! lolz


quick update!

Maybe i have to do a quick update very personal about ME.

Only this year I do feel very old but I am satisfied with my achievement:
1. Stable Health and weight (even i try to eat like giant and do regular workout)
2. Professional - i do want to change my job and i did it ;) isn't it cool working for a big law firm in town?
3. I did manage my budget to buy a small car so that i can be independent enough to fly around town wherever and whenever.
4. I think I get back my confident and will fix my anxiety that I really don't know why!!!


Good life

I am really having a good life now :) can you believe that?
Just myself o.o