T&C at Sovanna Center

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I had been there for hours to access internet and try to finish some school works!

Book I'm reading

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At Dish Book or D's Book, it's on St 240 and near the Shop. There are so many old books which they would be recycled but a smart [American] knows how to run a business in Cambodia! just have an idea to transfer these books to sell in Cambodia.

Even i haven't finished the whole story, i can say this love story is really one because when you haven't had love yet, you will never know what love is. It would really make you imagine a very romantic love for yourself which is really good. It would better not try a real love with someone you are unsure because it would result not good for both sides.

Benazir Bhutto

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I bought this book at Bagalore airport in India, April 9 because i left too many Rupy money so i decided to buy something which is book.

She is my hero, symbol, and never die in my heart.

Someday i'm going to make somethings bad to be better even there are so many obstacles. So i have to keep my dream alive :)

Is it yummy???

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Cook book!

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i just bought it today!!! i will do self-learning from this book and hope my cooking skill will be better soon :)

My new...not toy but for food

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I'm going to start working at Canadia Bank on this Monday...will see if i can survive in amount Khmer-Chineses! I hope i will meet a lot good people who is not about only challenging but also about good friendship :)

This is Red!!! oh my god, a lawyer suppose to use this, like a toy for 4 or 5 years old! but i went to IBT there were all the same kind of this so i decide to choose this cute one :)


Astrology Bot

Astrology Bot says:
Before I get your Numeroscope, I'll need your birth date.

What is your birthday? Please enter your birthday as MM/DD/YYYY.
nearirath says:
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Here's your daily Numeroscope:

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Cloggers Corner

Dear All,

Cloggers Corner was created by volunteers from Cambodia Blogger (aka Clogger) and will joint Internet Party 2008 to contribute and sharing the next generation of ICT and second generation of Internet-base service technology to every participants. And everyone can meet, disuss, learn and practices in our space.

Internet Party is an annual event celebrates once a year on every MAY to help promote IT awareness, link Businessman, IT Managers and IT Professional together also promote the use of Technology by encourage student to focused on it.
Event Detail (www.ipcambodia.com):
Date - 23 and 24 May 2008
Time - 9:00am to 7:00pm
Place - Sovanna Shopping Center (behind Inter-Con Hotel, next to Russia Hospital)

We, Clogger Team would like to invite all of you to join our space (The CloggersCorner) to share your knowledge and your creativity with Cambodia youth, with everyone who participate the internet party 2008. This is the great opportunity that everyone can meet and discuss with some great topics.

Cloggers Corner - Connect Cambodian Bloggers

Please see the attached file of our activity that will show in this event.

For more information or if you have something to present please contact me by (855) 12 31 67 81 or be_chantra[@]yahoo[dot]com.

Best Regard,
Be Chantra


Wish you to wish me on my BD ;")

Birthday of mine is usually quiet and nothing special!!! I turned out to be 22 years old...I'm getting older and older now!

Two years ago and later years i sent messages to all my friends to confirm them that today is my birthday...it's kinda stupid and crazy but i love to do so cuz they would love to do so but they just can't remember the date. so???

This year...will have dinner with friends, and do assignments and the big decision i have to make...that's all

Many thanks to my dear friend Vathana who made a cake for me, it's so wonderful and lovely :) This morning i made a birthday for a friend of mine who is the same birthday...we all really enjoy and had a lot of funs...thanks you guys:)
Psychology classmates :) Pong's BDSolida, me and Bong Pong**I made a touch speech which i almost cried...love you all and i'm going to miss you guys so muchit's my tern,my bd:)



I miss memories we all had together! I've never thought it's been a year already. I miss you all, hope to you all soon :)

Thanks Cheat for taking time to create the wonderful video for us :)


American Idol is awesome, cool..............love them all:)

I do like David Cook :) he's rock all his songs

like him ;")

Life is suck or wonderful?

I just don't have feeling to write the blog yet....but soon after i finish all schools...will be more and more interesting :)

Please pray for me....i'll have final exam soon and I'm going to be done all school...so happy then i'll enjoy the rest of time as much as i can before i jump up another step :)

Life is short...

To be hornor to meet Mr. Joseph Again ;)

We thought that if we lost we wouldn't meet him again, but it was just a joking. However, He likes us since we are cute and friendly ( I think Nita is more than me...I'm more quiet)

Reality he is completely different from what i thought, he is a nice guy, friendly , and talk to us just like normal and common conversation. Especially, he is funny guys :)

Thank to him so much as always as encourage us and we are proud of ourselves and proud of him so much.