T&C at Sovanna Center

IMG_0440, originally uploaded by kuji_xaya.

I had been there for hours to access internet and try to finish some school works!


icebreaker said...

wow haha... yeah, the environment is good, equipped with air-con and WiFi is totally free... lolz..

ppGeek said...

Oy TN nov na? merl oy skol sos..
Po ke thord man nor.

Cambodia News said...

Internet overthere is very slow, i am always waiting for its loading. Crazy internet connectivity.

Rath said...

icebreaker: The good things about TN there are WiFi and the environment though it's a bit noisy but still can work on by put my iPod on :)

ppgeek: TN at the New Shopping Center Sovanna nig na!

cambodia news: the day i work there the internet was good so i don't know if it's been changed or sth. :)