To be hornor to meet Mr. Joseph Again ;)

We thought that if we lost we wouldn't meet him again, but it was just a joking. However, He likes us since we are cute and friendly ( I think Nita is more than me...I'm more quiet)

Reality he is completely different from what i thought, he is a nice guy, friendly , and talk to us just like normal and common conversation. Especially, he is funny guys :)

Thank to him so much as always as encourage us and we are proud of ourselves and proud of him so much.



Anonymous said...

He really is?
nice u...

Wanna said...

It's a great honor to meet a big man like him. You're a lucky girl :)

Kim said...

I think Mr. Joseph did encourage you. But the most important thing (from what i see) he want you to fell that people hardwork do make a change, and he unlock it.