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Astrology Bot says:
Before I get your Numeroscope, I'll need your birth date.

What is your birthday? Please enter your birthday as MM/DD/YYYY.
nearirath says:
Astrology Bot says:

Here's your daily Numeroscope:

If you've been hung up as to how to make a project or endeavor more lucrative, four, today may bring some answers for you. The creativity of the 3-vibration is powerful when used as a tool for communication. It will encourage you to use alternative forms of expression to achieve your goals. By taking time to sit back, close your eyes, and allow your imagination to run wild, you may find the key to unlocking the door to solving your current problem. Think outside of conventional means, Four.

Astrology Bot says:
Here's your Weekly Chinese Reading:

This is a powerful week for change. Tuesday can be a wild and crazy time. Your exuberance is high. Be sure your choices aren't a passing fancy. Personal integrity should be your bottom line midweek. Other people's desires or expectations are less important. Work through a frustrating situation at week's end. Don't give up. Release the past and renew love this weekend. Accept what's difficult for the greater good. Sunday brings the opportunity to break with tradition.


Anonymous said...

U also need to provide birthtime interval.. if u wana get a precise prediction, cuz each secondes r minutes of ur birth, u've got a specific and unique natural force from the earth, and zodiac of universe..

Rath said...

So you are Astrology Bot!!! unluckily i don't know the exactly time i was born...:)