Wish you to wish me on my BD ;")

Birthday of mine is usually quiet and nothing special!!! I turned out to be 22 years old...I'm getting older and older now!

Two years ago and later years i sent messages to all my friends to confirm them that today is my birthday...it's kinda stupid and crazy but i love to do so cuz they would love to do so but they just can't remember the date. so???

This year...will have dinner with friends, and do assignments and the big decision i have to make...that's all

Many thanks to my dear friend Vathana who made a cake for me, it's so wonderful and lovely :) This morning i made a birthday for a friend of mine who is the same birthday...we all really enjoy and had a lot of funs...thanks you guys:)
Psychology classmates :) Pong's BDSolida, me and Bong Pong**I made a touch speech which i almost cried...love you all and i'm going to miss you guys so muchit's my tern,my bd:)


Anonymous said...

hm.. i did wish u on 5th r 6th may .. few days in advance.. just afraid i would be busy on 11.. but u still not get it.. i would sms u if i no ur number. hm..i dont no it!!

starfish said...

Hey, it's been a very long while!! Anyway Happy Birthday to you!! Wish u all the very best!

Rath said...

Thank 3:32 and starfish hope we keep in touch :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!