Paintings of 9 Artists

Photo 177, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Opening on Wednesday November 18, 2009, 5-8PM
(November-December 2009)

Address of the exhibition: 47, St178, PP
Tel: 023217 149

Sotha Khun is an unique artist.
He has been grown up in hard life. He lost his farther years ago, and he has only a brother and a mother. The financial of his family could not support him to finish high school. Because of his nature talent has pushed to go for art, he has graduated from Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture, where his passion belong to. He has participated in different organization of art to perform contemporary dancing, and has been showed in USA in 2008, and in Taiwan.
Today he will show his unique and extraordinary painting.


If it was the end of the world

It was two days ago, I had a very high temperature and i thought it was the was the last night of me... I had rethink and rethink, the first thing i was worry was that i am going to take day off at work again, and i was afraid they're going to fire me then i will lose my job...but after i rethink again, if it was my real last day of my last day of my life, why should i care about it...why should i care about financial, why should i care too much...whatever!!!

If it was the last day for me:

1.I would be so regret to take the job that i don't like...

2.I would be so regret to be away from my family, and didn't care much about my family. and I didn't tell my parents and my family that how important they are to me.

3.I would be happy what i have decided for any love issues.

4.I would be happy to know all good people, and they become my good friend.

5.I would be a bit regret that i hadn't told all my good friends how much i love them.

PS: i hate being sick piggy...i should be stronger!!! my damn health....


Disappointed November

Dear diary!!! Am I just so complicated girl as always??? Can u give me a break???

I am having another symptom is disappointing!!! I am kinda sad without any specific reasons, and maybe because am I getting old? Hm… sorry to write another unhappy mood post again… but I have nothing besides this blog to write down all my daily struggling life…

I might think too much without any goal or purpose in life or I might just demand too much things from everyone…or I might just …

Honestly, I am disappointed with some friends…only if I have never …I would not…
I have promised myself that… no one gonna take away my dream and smile !!! But things have happened and already took my crazy smile away from me!!! I seriously need it back.

Time to time, my parents are convinced by their relatives to Ream Cham Tuk Dak Koun Chov (…no English version here) hmm… it becomes my big concern now!!!

Oh gosh!!! How am I gonna fight with my parents and all these things???

Hmmmm… am I demanding too much???????

My damn English doesn’t improve anything at all….sigh!!!

PS: some of them really think of me???